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The Discontinuity Guide to the Doctor Who Novels

Continuity, bah!
 - The Doctor in Time and Relative

In 1995, Paul Cornell, Martin Day, and Keith Topping published The Discontinuity Guide, a guide to all sorts of things about the TV series Doctor Who. Following this, an excellent website called The DiscContinuity Guide has provided the same kind of information about the continuing audio adventures based on the series. But nobody has done this for the continuing series' of novels. Until now...

Telos started publishing Doctor Who Novellas at the end of 2001. However, their license ran out and wasn't renewed by the BBC, ending in 2004. However, Telos has begun a series of spin-off novellas under the Time Hunter series.

The Telos Doctor Who Novellas

Time and Relative
(1st Doctor)
Citadel of Dreams
(7th Doctor)
(3rd Doctor)
Ghost Ship
(4th Doctor)
Foreign Devils
(2nd Doctor)
Rip Tide
(8th Doctor)
(2nd Doctor)
Shell Shock
(6th Doctor)
The Cabinet of Light
(nth Doctor)
Fallen Gods
(8th Doctor)
(1st Doctor)
Eye of the Tyger
(8th Doctor)
Companion Piece
(7th Doctor)
Blood and Hope
(5th Doctor)
The Dalek Factor
(?th Doctor)
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