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The Discontinuity Guide
Eighth Doctor Adventures

Continuity, bah!
 - The Doctor in Time and Relative

In 1995, Paul Cornell, Martin Day, and Keith Topping published The Discontinuity Guide, a guide to all sorts of things about the TV series Doctor Who. Following this, an excellent website called The DiscContinuity Guide has provided the same kind of information about the continuing audio adventures based on the series. But nobody has done this for the continuing series' of novels. Until now...

The BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series of novels have been published by BBC Worldwide since 1996. These stories follow on from the 1996 Doctor Who Telemovie, and feature the continuing adventures of the eighth Doctor.

If you need to read up on what the various categories mean, I've written a guide to Discontinuity. Otherwise, on with the show:

The Eight Doctors Vampire Science The Bodysnatchers
Genocide War of the Daleks Alien Bodies
Kursaal Option Lock Longest Day
Legacy of the Daleks Dreamstone Moon Seeing I
Placebo Effect Vanderken's Children The Scarlet Empress
The Janus Conjunction Beltempest The Face Eater
The Taint Demontage Revolution Man
Dominion Unnatural History Autumn Mist
Interference: Book One (also features the 3rd Doctor) Interference: Book Two (also features the 3rd Doctor) The Blue Angel
The Taking of Planet Five Frontier Worlds Parallel 59
The Shadows of Avalon The Fall of Yquatine Coldheart
The Space Age The Banquo Legacy The Ancestor Cell
The Burning Casualties of War The Turing Test
Endgame Father Time Escape Velocity
Earth World Vanishing Point Eater of Wasps
The Year of Intelligent Tigers The Slow Empire Dark Progeny
The City of the Dead Grimm Reality The Adventuress of Henrietta Street
Mad Dogs and Englishmen Hope Anachraphobia
Trading Futures The Book of the Still The Crooked World
History 101 Camera Obscura Time Zero
The Infinity Race The Domino Effect Reckless Engineering
The Last Resort Timeless Emotional Chemistry
Sometime Never... Halflife The Tomorrow Windows
The Sleep of Reason The Deadstone Memorial To The Slaughter
The Gallifrey Chronicles
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