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K9 and the Time Trap


K9 and the Time Trap cover

Author: David Martin

In 1980, Dave Martin wrote a series of 4 picture books featuring K9. These books were published by Sparrow Books. K9 and the Time Trap was the first of these.

Roots: It's a picture book for goodness sake.

Continuity: K9 Mark I is working as an agent for the Time Lords (see The Invasion of Time). K9 has a small spacecraft called K-NEL, presumably provided by the Time Lords. It does not have time travel capability. K9 is forced to sacrifice it to destroy Omegon and save Gallifrey, but is awarded K-NEL Mark II by the Rigelians for saving their ships. The Time Lords send K9 to the Rigelians, presumably aware of the threat posed by Omegon.

Omegon is presumably Omega. He tells K9 that he has met his master (The Three Doctors), that he was once a Time Lord and that he engineered the system by which the Time Lords travel in time [he also claims that they made him Emperor and then betrayed him, which contradicts The Three Doctors, but might be explained by the fact that the events of that story have unhinged him further]. He is now trapped in a crimson bubble of time [a pocket dimension between the universes of matter and anti-matter]. He has acquired a limp [probably affected since he has no physical form]. He has been drawing tens of thousands of spaceships into his time bubble, and launches an all-out attack on Gallifrey to achieve his revenge. He uses a master computer to override the controls of these ships [hinting at his increased reliance on technology see Arc of Infinity]. As with the end of The Three Doctors, he is apparently destroyed in an explosion.

The Rigelians are humanoid and may be humans, if they are descended from a colony.

Links: The Three Doctors, The Invisible Enemy, The Invasion of Time.

Location: The Rigelian flagship and Omegon's time bubble, date unknown.

The Bottom Line: Aimed as it is at children, K9 and the Time Trap is light on text and illustrated with garish, colourful images I read it in about three minutes. Still, as childrens books go it isnt bad and bizarrely draws on the continuity of The Three Doctors and The Invasion of Time.

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