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The Scales of Injustice

July 1996

The Scales of Injustice cover

(Features the Third Doctor and Liz Shaw between The Eye of the Giant and The Devil Goblins from Neptune)
The Scales of Injustice has been published as an e-book by the BBC.

Author: Gary Russell

Editor: Rebecca Levene

Roots: The Vault is taken from early Captain Britain stories. Most of the rest of the book is recycled from The Silurians, The Sea Devils, and Warriors of the Deep.

Goofs: In the memos in the prologue, Liz's arrival at UNIT is dated both Monday 21st October and Monday 31st October. The memos also make reference to the University of Warwick's department of applied sciences. I'm not sure about the late 60s/early 70s, but by the 90s there wasn't such a department.

It's about 8 months since Liz joined UNIT (so June/July), yet Marc Marshall dates it as March 27th.

The claims that only 38 civilians and 29 people from UNIT and Wenley Moor died during The Silurians when Who Killed Kennedy establishes the total death toll as over 400.

There are several points where Hastings is described as being in Kent, when it's actually in Sussex. And it's very likely, given geography, that the hospital should have been in East Kent rather than Hastings.

In the café scene, Jana at first says that she's at home in street cafés, and a few minutes later says that she can't think there, and needs to be inside something like a restaurant.

Is Irlam O'the Heights (where Alan Marshall is MP) really in Manchester (where his son Marc lives)?

When recapping the history of C-19, Group-Captain Ian Gilmore and Professor Rachel Jenson are said to have joined the ICMG only after 'The Shoreditch Incident' (Remembrance of the Daleks), when they are clearly members of it during that story.

I don't think it's a feasible timescale for Kate to be five, and yet be conceived around 18 months after The Web of Fear.

I think Steve Robins from The Silurians actually ended up dead when this book says that he was sent to the glasshouse.

The man with the scar claims that the British Space Programme has been abandoned following The Ambassadors of Death. However, Dancing the Code and The Dying Days make it clear that it continued for some time afterwards.

One of the bodies in the Vault is that of George Hibbert from Spearhead from Space. However, Hibbert's body was disintegrated.

Technobabble: Stabilising dio-nodes, transcieving telo-circuits, directional memory wafers, artron filaments. The Doctor's Triacteon Zeiton Regulator has been broken since his exile and his mental block has prevented him from repairing it.

Dialogue Triumphs: Chukk: 'My people have no respect for Ape life. I apologise.'
The Doctor: 'No need, old chap, I don't blame them at all.'

Cellian: 'Resistance is useless.'
Morley: 'You can speak! You've never spoken before.'
Cellian: 'Never had anything worthwhile to say.'
The Doctor: 'Not much worthwhile now, either.'

Continuity: Liz has been at UNIT for 8 months since Monday 21st October [1968/1974/1985] or Monday 31st October [1966/1977/1983]. Her research project at Cambridge had been breaking down waste by environmental methods.She has learnt how to cannibalise 'primitive' scientific devices, and to rebuild and modify them, from the Doctor. She has doctorates in chemistry and medicine, honorary doctorates in metaphysics and humanities and assorted qualifications in economics, history, and Latin. She has recently been researching into the paranormal to keep up with what's happening at UNIT. She has been out of touch with her friends from Cambridge - especially Justin and Laura,and her family. She has also been out of touch with a now ex-UNIT soldier called Private Jeff Johnson (possibly a character from The Ambassadors of Death) who she went out with for a while. Jeff is now in the regular army. She smokes a pipe and was brought up in the Home Counties. She has two flats and only the Brigadier and a few Cambridge friends know the details of the one in outer London, everyone else has the details of the one in Cambridge.

The Third Doctor's singing voice is appalling. The lab he is in here is the one first seen in Terror of the Autons rather than the one in Season 7.

The Brigadier's (soon-to-be-ex) wife of 8 years is called Fiona and is 35 years old, and his Daughter Kate is 5. His future wife Doris had married George Wilson, who died in Northern Ireland. At Sandhurst, he nearly killed a training marshall in an accident. The marshall, Colonel Harrington-Smythe tried to bring a charge, but lost and decided to resign from the army.

UNIT has the highest mortality rate in any section of the army, and some rumors about that have circulated in other sections. At least 3 potential recruits have requested duty in N. Ireland in preference to UNIT. Its technology, although well ahead of commercially available technology, is lagging behind its rivals such as the CIA. The HQ in Spearhead From Space was temporary, and UNIT then moved to Priory Mews in Denham (The Pyramids of Mars).

Dr Peter Morley worked with Warwick University's dept. of Applied Sciences.

The death of Jim Quinlan (in The Ambassadors of Death) means that Sir John Sudbury has an extra workload in space defence. The Doctor frequents Sudbury's bridge club (The Pemburton) and knows Lord Rowlands.

Major James Turner (from The Invasion) married Isobel Watkins (also from The Invasion) and was posted to Sri Lanka.

The Silurians from The Silurians were called Okdel K'to (Old Silurian), Morka (Young Silurian), and Bokka K'to (Silurian scientist). Their shelter was number 873. The Sea Devils are a special aquatic warrior caste. The Silurian Triad are their planetary leaders and woke up 40 years ago. The crisis forcing them into hibernation was the arrival of the moon. The Doctor believes them to be vegetarian, but he's wrong. They actually synthesise all their food. Sea Warrior vests protect bodies from the pressure of great depths.Silurian lifetimes are typically 200-250 years. Both the Myrka and the Silurians are vulnerable to flares.

UNIT have been in operation for at least 24 months. Yates has not had a civvies job so far during his two months in UNIT. Their headquarters in Spearhead from Space was temporary in central London, and they then moved to Priory Mews (The Pyramids of Mars), which was next to the Slough canal. The initial UNIT staff were Corporals Benton and Jack Tracy (both experienced in undercover work), Captain Turner, Sergeant Walters, Maisie Hawkes & Corporal Carol Bell.

Established in the late 50's, Department C-19 was a little brother to MI5. Late in the 50's they acquired a reputation for the more covert paramilitary operations. After Remembrance of the Daleks, they were given responsibility for ICMG. Jenson suggested recruiting Allison Williams, Ruth Ingram (The Time Monster) and Anne Travers (The Web of Fear) - her Cambridge protégés. After The Web of Fear, Gilmore recommended the Brigadier to be instrumental in setting up UNIT, answerable to UN Geneva and C-19. Amongst the items in The Vault are West Australian fruit containing mercurial dioxide and a very large venus flytrap from Rhodesia. C-19's motto is Quis Custodiet Ipsos Costodes - 'Who guards the guards themselves?

The Glasshouse, a secret hospital for 'discreet' organisations such as UNIT, was set up by Sir Marmaduke Harrington-Smythe. It had its own design of guns - Compacta 25 calibre and, until the end of this book was in Gloucestershire - where Liz once visited it.

The Man with the scar used to work for [Tobias Vaugn], and was augmented using Cyber Technology. Following the collapse [of I.E.], he was placed in C-19, where he set up the Vault with the aim of learning from all the alien technology left on Earth. He created the Irish twins by replacing their blood with Nestene fluids, and the Stalker by deliberately exposing it to Stahlman's gas.

Last winter 18 W. Australians died of mercurial duoxide poisoning after eating fruit mutated by space dust.

Links: There is a ridiculous amount of UNIT-related continuity in this book. It includes Sir John Sudbury, Administrator of C-19 (Time Flight) and Major-General Scobie (Spearhead from Space) - UNIT's paymasters. Mister Campbell is probably the scotsman from Terror of the Autons. Corporal Bell is from The Mind of Evil and The Claws of Axos. Corporal Maisy Hawke is probably from Day of the Daleks (and was engaged to captain Sam Hawkins from The Silurians) Jimmy Munro (Spearhead from Space) has returned to the regular army. There's a mention of Corporal Nutting from The Silurians. Sergeant Walters (The Invasion) has been promoted to Captain. The Brigadier and Captain Gilmore's (Remembrance of the Daleks) meeting that led to UNIT's formation gets mentioned (this meeting is seen in Downtime). Corporal Jack Tracey is from The Invasion and Corporal Champion from The Ambassadors of Death. There's mention of Robins from The Silurians. Captain Turner and Sergeant Walters (both from The Invasion) both get mentions, as does Sergeant 'Big' Hart (The Silurians). Their current CMO is Doctor Sweetman (Planet of the Spiders).

Minor mentions of other adventures include The Web of Fear, The Invasion, Spearhead from Space, The Silurians, The Ambassadors of Death, Inferno, and the most recent Eye of the Giant. Following that adventure, the Doctor is obeying the Brigadier's request to get the TARDIS working again.

The Doctor's club with 'Tubby' Rowlands is mentioned in Terror of the Autons. Sir James Quinlan's death is from The Ambassadors of Death. The Doctor mentions Florana (Invasion of the Dinosaurs). The Doctor's mention of several months of steady-state microwelding will be completed in Terror of the Autons.

The story draws very heavily on The Silurians and sets the scene for The Sea Devils and Warriors of the Deep.

There is a very minor reference to Edmund Trevithick (Nightshade). There are also mentions of Ian Gilmore, Rachel Jenson, and ICMG (Remembrance of the Daleks), Ruth Ingram (The Time Monster), Anne Travers (The Web of Fear), and the Judson Ultima Machine (The Curse of Fenric). The Brigadier's time at Sandhurst was mentioned in The Invasion. Maisie Hawkes mentions the Nestene Energy Sphere - setting up Terror of the Autons.

The Doctor has mentioned Delphons (in Spearhead from Space), the Great Intelligence (The Abominable Snowmen, The Web of Fear), Cybermen, Daleks, Zarbi (The Web Planet), Drahvins (Galaxy 4), and the Time Lords (The War Lords) to Liz. He recalls the Panopticon on Gallifrey (The Deadly Assassin). The Brigadier's watch (The Planet of Spiders) was given to him by Doris as a wedding present the day after his wedding.

Items stored at the Vault include: One of Davros's Daleks' shells (Remembrance of the Daleks), WOTAN (The War Machines), Cyber-guns (The Invasion), Nestene Energy Units (Spearhead from Space), Phials of Silurian Plague (The Silurians), Mars Probe 6 (The Ambassadors of Death). People cryogenically stored at the vault include George Ratcliffe (Remembrance of the Daleks), Melvin Krimpton (The War Machines), Stephen Weams (The Web of Fear), and Mark Gregory (The Invasion).

Location: UNIT HQ, Smallmarshes (near Hastings & Dungeness, Kent), L'Ithe (a tiny channel island), The Vault - a secret C-19 establishment in the Cheviot Hills, Northumberland. There are about a dozen contradictorary dates in the book, so lets just say that it's the UNIT era, soon after Eye of the Giant and leave it at that.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor mentions 'a pleasant little vinegar he picked up on Elbion' whilst discussing wines. The Doctor owns a flat in Soho.

The Bottom Line: It's really continuity-heavy, but I like it. The Brigadier's marriage breakdown, and the variuos plot strands that do come together in the end together with good writing make it work really well. Plus we get to see a lot more of Liz's character.

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