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Doctor Who Cast Lists

Timewyrm: Revelation

Regular Cast:

The Seventh Doctor


The Timewyrm

Guest Appearance:

The First Doctor

The Third Doctor

The Fourth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor

Other Cast members:

Chad Boyle
Was at School with Ace.
Lieutenant Rupert Hemmings
Nazi from a parallel world. Last in Timewyrm: Exodus.
Emily Hutchings
Inhabitant of Cheldon Bonniface, married to Peter
Ishtar Hutchings
Peter Hutchings
Inhabitant of Cheldon Bonniface, Mathematician, married to Emily
Reverend Ernest Trelaw
Vicar of Cheldon Bonniface
Sentient Church from Cheldon Bonniface


Note that all other characters are actually figments of the Doctor's or the Timewyrm's imagination.
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