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Doctor Who Cast Lists

The Eight Doctors

The Eight Doctors features the Eighth Doctor interacting with each of his previous incarnations.

Eighth Doctor First Doctor Second Doctor Third Doctor
Fourth Doctor Fifth Doctor Sixth Doctor Seventh Doctor

Regular Cast:

The Eighth Doctor

Sam (Samantha Jones)    New Companion

Eighth Doctor Segment

Basil "Baz" Bailey Drug dealer at Coal Hill
Little Mikey
Member of Baz Bailey's gang
Member of Baz Bailey's gang
Member of Baz Bailey's gang
Trev Selby
Teacher at Coal Hill
Vicky Latimer
Teacher at Coal Hill
Constable Bates
Shoreditch policeman
Detective-Constable Ballard
Shoreditch policeman
Detective-Inspector Foster
Shoreditch policeman
Constable Sanders
Shoreditch policeman
President Flavia
Lord President of the Time Lords (appears between Goth Opera and Happy Endings)
Councillor Ortan
Gallifreyan Councillor
Councillor Ryoth
Arcalian Gallifreyan Councillor
Castellan Spandrell
Castellan, originally in The Deadly Assassin
Time Lord
Chief Temporal Technician Volnar
Temporal technician on Gallifrey
Ancient Gallifreyan ruler, last in The Five Doctors

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First Doctor Segment

Features the first Doctor, Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton, and Barbara Wright in the middle of 100,000 BC

Cavewoman from 100,000 BC
Caveman from 100,000 BC

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Second Doctor Segment

Features the second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, and Zoe Heriot towards the end of The War Games

Lieutenant Lucke
German officer in The War Games
Pertinax Maximus
Roman Centurion kidnapped by the War Lords
The War Chief
Renegade Time Lord from The War Games. He also appeared in Timewyrm: Exodus
The War Lord
Leader of the War Lords from The War Games

There may be a few more characters in the background who I've missed.

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Third Doctor Segment

Features the third Doctor, Jo Grant, the Brigadier, Sergeant Benton, and the Master immedately after The Sea Devils.

Jane Blythe
Captain Hart's secretary from The Sea Devils
Captain John Hart
Royal Navy officer from The Sea Devils
Big Jack Harris
Travelling salesman
Olive Hawthorne
White witch, previously in The Dæmons

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Fourth Doctor Segment

Features the fourth Doctor and Romana II immediately after State of Decay.

Servant girl from the vampire planet, E-Space
Headman from State of Decay
Rebel leader from State of Decay
Young rebel from the vampire planet, E-Space
Vampire from E-Space

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Fifth Doctor Segment

Features the fifth Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough immediately after The Five Doctors.

Raston Warrior Robot
Previously in The Five Doctors
Commander Vrag
A Sontaran Commander

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Sixth Doctor Segment

Features a copy of the Sixth Doctor during Trial of a Time Lord.

President Niroc
Lord President of the Time Lords
Lady Flavia
Deposed Time Lord President (between The Five Doctors and Blood Harvest)
Former Co-Ordinator of the Matrix. Previously in The Deadly Assassin
The Master
Appears between scenes of Trial of a Time Lord
The Valeyard
Future Doctor (or maybe not) appearing between scenes of Trial of a Time Lord
Captain Vared
Captain in the Capital Guard
Presidential Aide on Gallifrey
A Shobogan leader
A Shobogan leader
Former Gallifreyan leader, last seen in The Five Doctors and next in Blood Harvest
Cardinal Borusa
Former Gallifreyan President, last seen in The Five Doctors and next in Blood Harvest

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Seventh Doctor Segment

Features the Seventh Doctor, almost certainly after Lungbarrow and shortly before Enemy Within.

The Master
Appears probably some time after First Frontier and definitely shortly before Enemy Within
Old Chief
A leader of the Morgs

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