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Doctor Who Cast Lists

The Bodysnatchers

Regular Characters:

The Eighth Doctor

Sam (Samantha Jones)

Other Characters:

Balaak Zygon warlord.
Mr Beech Overseer at Seers' bottle factory.
PC Henry Bowman Policeman in the East End.
Constable Butler Policeman in the East End.
Chumaak Zygon warrior.
Daisy Little girl from the East End.
Mary Dobbs Housemaid working for the Seers family.
Thomas (Tom) Daniel Donahue Former worker at Nathaniel Seers' bottle factory.
Harry Fish Landlord of a Whitechapel tavern.
Mr Hetherington Employee of Mr Seers controlled by the Zygons.
Jack Howe East Ender employed to provide Seers with corpses.
Mrs Hudson Professor Litefoot's housekeeper. Previously in The Talons of Weng Chiang.
Professor George Litefoot Doctor in an East End hospital. He met the Doctor in The Talons of Weng Chiang.
Mowgra Zygon warrior.
Henry Peterson Drinking crony of Jack Howe.
Albert Rudge Colleague of Jack Howe.
Emmeline Seers Daughter of Nathaniel and Florence Seers.
Florence Seers Wife of Nathaniel Seers, mother of Emmeline Seers.
Nathaniel Seers Owner of a bottle factory. Husband of Florence Seers. Father of Emmeline Seers.
Mr Stoker Overseer at Seers' bottle factory.
Sergeant Tomkins Desk sergeant at a Whitechapel police station.
Tuval Zygon scientist.
Veidra Zygon warrior.
Mr Whitney Employee at Seers' bottle factory.
Zorva Zygon warrior.
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