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Doctor Who Cast Lists

The Scales of Injustice

Regular Cast:

The Third Doctor

Liz Shaw

Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart

Sergeant John Benton

Sergeant Mike Yates

Other Cast members:

Richard (Dick) Atkinson Chemist at the Glasshouse, formerly colleague of Liz Shaw at Cambridge
PC Attrill Policeman from or near Smallmarshes
Bailey Nigerian driver and munitions expert working for dark side of C-19 (may later appear in The Mind of Evil)
Corporal Carol Bell UNIT officer (also in The Mind of Evil and The Claws of Axos)
Private Boyle A recently recruited UNIT trooper
Mister Campbell UNIT's stores-manager (probably also in Terror of the Autons)
Cellian One of the Irish Twins
Corporal Champion UNIT trooper (last in The Ambassadors of Death)
Chuuk Earth Reptile. Leader of Shelter 429. Brother to Okdel K'to
Ciara One of the Irish Twins
Auggi D'jo Silurian. Mother of Baal D'jo
Baal D'jo Earth Reptile. Child of Auggi D'jo. A scientist
Private Farley UNIT trooper
Clive Alexander Fortescue Secretary to Sir John Sudbury. Former secretary to the Chief of Defence
Jossie O'Grahame (Justin Grayson) An Actor
James D Griffin (Jim Griffin) Analyst at the Glasshouse, formerly colleague of Liz Shaw at Cambridge
WPC Haggard Policewoman in or near Smallmarshes
Sir Marmaduke Harrington-Smythe CBE Owner of the Glasshouse
Corporal Maisie Hawke UNIT's chief radio operator (probably also in Day of the Daleks)
Inspector Hoevern Dutch police officer
Icthar Leader of the Silurian Triad. Next in Warriors of the Deep.
Jana Kristan A journalist
Krugga Earth Reptile
Mister Lawson C-19 employee responsible for the Stalker
Fiona Lethbridge-Stewart The Brigadier's (first) wife
Kate Lethbridge-Stewart The Brigadier's five-year-old daughter (she later appears in Downtime)
Sergeant Robert Lines Police Officer, next in Business Unusual
Alan Marshall Tory MP for Irlam O'the Heights, father of Marc Marshall, husband of Sarah Marshall
Marc Marshall Teenage son of MP Alan Marshall and Sarah Marshall
Sarah Marshall Wife of Alan Marshall, mother of Marc Marshall
Private Millar UNIT trooper
Doctor Moere Dutch police doctor
Doctor Peter Morley Head of the Glasshouse's scientific team, formerly worked at the University of Warwick's Department of Applied Science
Alan Morton Parliamentary driver
Corporal Tom Osgood UNIT soldier, an egg-head. Later in The Dæmons
Private Parkinson UNIT trooper
WPC Barbara Redworth Policewoman from Hastings on assignment to Smallmarshes
Private Salt UNIT trooper
Scibus Second to Icthar, member of the Silurian Triad
Major-General Scobie Liason between UNIT and the Army, UNIT's paymaster (last in Spearhead from Space)
The Stalker Dog augmented by Stahlman's gas
Sir John Sudbury Junior Defence Minister for Department C-19, MP for Woodhaven.
Sula Earth Reptile
Tahni Earth Reptile
Tarpok Science Advisor to Icthar, member of the Silurian Triad
Michael Townsend The pale man with the scar - works for the dark side of C-19
Corporal Tracey UNIT trooper (last in The Invasion)
Grant Traynor Scientist formerly working in the Vault
Maya der Voort Sister of Jana Kristan, wife of Hans der Voort
Michael Wagstaffe Defence Correspondent for the Daily Chronicle
Cathryn Wildeman Zoologist at the Glasshouse, formerly colleague of Liz Shaw at Cambridge
A Friend The unidentified man informing Liz and Jana of C-19's darker side.
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