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Doctor Who Cast Lists

The Sands of Time

Regular Cast:

The Fifth Doctor

Tegan Jovanka

Nyssa of Traken

Other Cast members:

Ahmed Tomb robber from Ancient Egypt, brother of Massud
Amosis Priest of Nephthys
Atkins Lord Kenilworth's butler
Bakr Egyptian working for Lord Kenilworth's expedition
Napoleon Bonaparte 18th Century French ruler who conquered most of Europe as well as Egypt. Previously seen in The Reign of Terror
Leonard Cramwell Retired army major, friend of the Priors.
Lady Ann Cranleigh Wife of Charles Cranleigh, exact double of Nyssa, last seen in Black Orchid.
Lord Charles Cranleigh Lord of Cranleigh Hall in the 1920s, last seen in Black Orchid.
Henry Edwards Security guard at the British Museum in 1996.
Margaret Evans Member of Lord Kenilworth's exhibition. Daughter of Russell Evans
Russell Evans Member of Lord Kenilworth's exhibition. Employee of the British Museum. Father of Margaret Evans.
Colonel Finklestone Customer of the Savoy
Kamose Egyptian worker
Lord Kenilworth Victorian aristocrat
Professor James MacReady Victorian professor, friend of Lord Kenilworth, Egyptologist, member of Lord Kenilworth's expedition.
Sir John Mapleton Bidder at an auction in 1978.
Massud Tomb robber from Ancient Egypt, brother of Ahmed
Menet Nebka Head of the Egyptian bearers accompanying Lord Kenilworth's expedition.
James Norris Vanessa's fiancé
Aubrey Prior Nephew of Cedric Prior, heir of the Kenilworths.
Cedric Prior Uncle of Aubrey Prior, heir of the Kenilworths.
Sadan Rassul High Priest of Sutekh and Nephtyhs, originally from Ancient Egypt
Professor Marcus Scarman Egyptologist who the Doctor met in Pyramids of Mars.
Nicholas Simons Assistant to Russell Evans.
Sitamun Handmaiden to Nephthys
Smutty Thomas Friend of the Cranleighs, last seen in Black Orchid.
Jean Tombier Friend and associate of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Vanessa Prior Aubrey Prior's daughter.
George Vulliamy Architect and craftsman responsible for setting up Cleopatra's Needle in London.
Susan Warne Housekeeper and head of Lord Kenilworth's domestic staff.
Yussuf Accomplice to Rassul
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