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Doctor Who Cast Lists

Heart of TARDIS

Regular Cast:

The Second Doctor

Jamie McCrimmon

Victoria Waterfield

The Fourth Doctor

Romana I

K9 Mark 2

Guest Appearances:

The Brigadier

Sergeant John Benton

Other Cast members:

Susan Barquentine Legal executive from Lychburg
Artie Bunson Inhabitant of Lychburg
Comic Book Guy Inhabitant of Lychburg
Edward Alexander (Aleister) Crowley Head of DISTO(P)IA, formerly historical character
Katharine Delbane Agent of DISTO(P)IA
Lieutenant Major Ernest Derricks Greenham Common security offier - CIA
Doctor Dibley Doctor in Lychburg
Officer Johnny-Bob Garcia Police Officer from Lychburg
Colonel Joel Haasterman US Army Officer working for Section [Eight]/Project Blue Book
Lorna New Ager from Lychburg
Norman E Manley Schoolboy from Lychburg
Joey Maven Coach of the Lychburg High American Football team
James (Jim) Angus McCrae Officer of Special Branch/DISTO(P)IA
Moe Bartender from Lychburg
Myra Monroe Schoolgirl from Lychburg
Michael Newbegin Inhabitant of Lychburg
Doctor Rick Doctor in Lychburg
Danny Slater Officer of Special Branch/DISTO(P)IA
Sergeant Smee Police Officer from Lychburg
Dr Sohn Member of Project Blue Book
Clancey Tilson Lychburg's Police Chief
Officer Billy-Joe Wijikwaski Police Officer from Lychburg
Wblk Member of the Time Lords' High Council. Part of a traditionalist faction.
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