(aka Zeiton-7)

Zyton-7 is a mineral that is essential to the operation of a TARDIS's Transpower Systems. It lines the Transitional Elements, allowing them to generate Orbital Energy for Vortex travel. High quality Zeiton 7 allows a TARDIS to boost it's thrust.

Since a TARDIS can travel at least 22 billion years before refueling, its standard supply of Zyton-7 usually lasts for centuries. If its maintenance is neglected, the transitional elements lose their capacity to generate orbital energy and the TARDIS will stall in the Vortex possibly trapping the crew forever. It should be noted that Zyton-7 is found only on the planet Varos. A TARDIS will need to be recalibrated after new Zeiton 7 is installed. This recalibration involves verifying the current space-time coordinates of the TARDIS, and can take if hours if most of the TARDIS systems haven't been maintained.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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