Transpower System

(aka Power Room #2)

the Secondary Control Console's Energy Distributor

The Transpower System uses the internal power regulator and artronic resonators to monitor, reroute, and distribute the energy from the Eye of Harmony to the rest of the ship. The Transpower system is lined with the transitional element Zyton-7 to generate Orbital Energy. The entire system is routed through the Secondary Control Console's Energy Distributor (see illustration) and is controlled and monitored with the Booster Switches and the Power Response Dials. A red light indicates failure of main power. The power used by the Dynamorphic Generators during Vortex travel should not exceed 1000 omegas. Otherwise a TARDIS will begin draining the Ancillary Power Systems. The amount of power necessary to enter and travel through time is dependent on the size of the object being transported. A full sized TARDIS requires a steady output of several hundred omegas to travel in the Vortex, but if only the console is flying a mere 500 watts is sufficient. Strong telepathic signals may interfere with the flow of Artron Energy within a TARDIS and cause all sorts of malfunctions. Attack by a massively powerful telepathic force can cause the Relative Continuum Stabilizer to fail.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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