Dimensionally Transcendental Cradles

Becoming a TARDIS

The Capsule is placed in a Dimensionally Transcendental Cradle to grow its interior and exterior shells. Using Warp Matrix (Transdimensional) Engineering a Protyon Unit is implanted in the Space-Time Event. This Engine is programmed with multidimensional Grey-Prints of the new TARDIS. Grey-Prints are designed by Gallifreyan Mathematicians and set down many of the specifications and capabilities of the new TARDIS including its gender. Using these plans the Protyon Unit grows the interior/exterior of the Capsule. The Cloister Room (with the link to the Eye of Harmony) develops first, followed by the rest of the ship. Several pieces of exitonic circuitry are implanted by the Time Lords, including the Chameleon Circuit. If the Capsule is designated female, it will receive XX circuits, if male, XY circuits.

Once the Protyon Unit has generated the necessary interior and exterior shell the Capsule is considered to be a fully operational Time And Relative Dimension In Space (TARDIS) ship. The word "Tardis" means Time-Ship, however the plural of TARDIS is still debated by Time Lords.

A numerical Type designates each model of TARDIS. Every TARDIS that is constructed follows the specifications of its specific "Type." For example the Doctor usually operates a Type 40 TARDIS. Higher Type numbers indicated later model TARDISes. The Type number is fixed. For example the Doctor's TARDIS is still a Type 40 TARDIS despite the numerous upgrades and modifications it has received over the years. If a TARDIS Type is particularly successful, then over 300 of that Type might be created. The Type 94 War TARDIS is the most advanced TARDIS yet created.

The fully sentient and interactive TARDISes created during the Time War are some times called Type 100s (Type 101, 105, etc...) but are more properly referred to a Form 101 or Form 103 etc...

The Mark number is much more variable. It denotes the current sophistication of the Master Control Console (and by extension many of the other peripheral systems). Thus a TARDIS could be a Type 35 Mark I or a Type 35 Mark III. Both TARDISes were originally Type 35s but a majority of their systems have been upgraded to the level of later Types. A Time Lord would find that all Mark III TARDISes (regardless of their Type) have most of the same systems and extras.

So Type designates the original model as produced by the Neural Construction Docks. Mark designates the current capabilities and level of sophistication of the TARDIS in question.

It should be noted that with the proper plans and expertise a Time Lord can construct a TARDIS using primitive technology (such as that found on Earth in the late 20th century). This can be done in a relatively short amount of time.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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