Time Vector Generator

(a.k.a. Dimensional Control Unit, External Integrity Stabiliser)

A collapsed TARDIS interior

This 18 inch long black rod with gold and white caps makes a TARDIS dimensionally transcendental by connecting the Exo-Plasmic Shell with the interior Micro-Universe. A malfunctioning Time Vector Generator can allow time warp fields to leak out of the console, possibly displacing the operator forward in time. Removal of the Time Vector Generator collapses a TARDIS's interior, making it the same size on the inside as the outside (see illustration). Such a removal would cut all power to the Dynamorphic Generators. The caps at either end of the Time Vector Generator can be removed to release the vast amount of power stored in the Time Vector Generator. If the Time Vector Generator is removed for too long the TARDIS will suffer severe damage. If reinstalled, the interior of a TARDIS will "regrow," but the internal configurations will probably be scrambled and redecorated. Malfunction of the Fluid Links can render the Time Vector Generator inoperative. It should be noted that there is no spare Time Vector Generator, nor can one be constructed (in a reasonable time) in the Workshop. Adapting the emergency one used by the Tertiary Control Room is impossible.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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