Time Rotor

The Doctor's Time Rotor

Time Rotors are found in the Secondary and Tertiary Control Rooms. Some Primary Control Rooms are also equipped with them. The crystalline assembly inside the Time Rotor contains the Time Column, the Energy Storage Unit, and the Conceptual Geometer Relay (with agronomic trigger and field separator). Each Type of TARDIS has a unique Type of Time Rotor that must be matched with the Main Space-Time Element to ensure proper operation.

The power necessary for a TARDIS to make complete a trip through time is many orders of magnitude more then that of a star (the Earth's sun has an output of 4x1026 watts). Thus the Rotor is the richest source of temporal energy on a TARDIS. Because of its immense power requirements the Time Rotor is located (using a dimensional juncture) directly over the Heart of the TARDIS. The Rotor "weighs down" and holds the power in check and controls the power of the counter-magnetization thrusts. Each space-time jump drains the Time Rotor's Energy Storage Unit to the point where it can only travel a few seconds into the future. It takes a TARDIS 12 minutes to charge the Energy Storage Unit with Temporal Energy for another space-time jump. This is done using the Temporal Reactors fueled by Artron Energy. The Temporal Reactors are filled with chronoplasmic energy, which is contained by Zybanium shields. Using the console, the drive systems can be tested to ensure that the time rotor is primed for dematerialization. During flight the Time Rotor rises and falls in time with the cycling of the Dimensional Stabilizers. The frequency of its cycling slows as a TARDIS prepares to materialize. When it lowers, it performs a complete scan of all TARDIS power "thrust" systems. When it rises it provides the operator with a status report on the time changes of these systems. When fully materialized the rotor will be retracted and unlit. But if a TARDIS is in hover mode the rotor will continue to glow. When Scanning Mode is enabled, the Time Column rotates within the rotor. If the Time Rotor were to be pushed all the way out of a Console, then the Artron Energy from the Heart of the TARDIS would flood a TARDIS, and the crew would be blown to atoms in seconds.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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