Telepathic Induction Circuits

The Telepathic Circuits' Interface

These circuits are located inside the Secondary Console and appear as a transparent cylinder that is 2.5x7.6 centimeters. They are used to communicate with Gallifrey or other TARDISes via T-Mail. T-Mail (probably Telepathic Mail) consists of Artron signals with spatio-temporal frequencies and extra-temperaneous wavelengths. The Telepathic Circuits are also capable of receiving psionic beams from a Space-Time Telegraph. T-mail's use is limited due to the possible damage to the Web of Time that such transmissions might cause. The Signal Conversion Unit controls the telepathic energy that enters a TARDIS. It can also lock on to, and jam, specific frequencies of psychic energy signals. T-Mail can be viewed using the Trans-Temporal Projector that creates a hologram-like image with accompanying audio. The circuits are capable of broadcasting a telepathic Recall Signal, which can be used by the operator to home in on the TARDIS.

With the addition of the Thought Projector headset the Telepathic Induction Circuits allow a Time Lord to present his thoughts and memories on the Scanner Screen. The telepathic circuits create a field that makes people passing by the TARDIS more likely not to notice it. This field is only effective on people who aren't looking for something unusual.

A TARDIS constantly generatse a low-level telepathic field, which allows it to telempathically read the surface thoughts of its crew. The Telepathic Circuits are capable of destroying some types of parasites within a crewmember's brain. They can also store memories that are downloaded into them and delete any memories from the user's mind that the user wishes. If the field is set to high whilst a user is editing his memories, he runs the risk of accidentally copying and erasing the memories of any lesser species that is located within the TARDIS at the time. Memories stored by telepathic circuits can also be uploaded into the minds of a user. If exposed to theta emissions (say from a Dorganator) the telepathic circuits will fall in to a feedback loop, which can cause the minds of the TARDIS crewmembers to swap bodies. A Time Lord's knowledge of corporelectroscopy should make undoing this even relatively easy. Untrained direct contact with the Telepathic Circuits links the user with a TARDIS's Artron Center, flooding his mind with memories and rendering an inexperienced user unconscious.

Under certain circumstances the telepathic circuits can "catch" the mind of anyone who dies inside by entangling their time stream within time fields created by the Heart of the TARDIS. This can occur deliberately if the controls are preset properly, or if a TARDIS is positioned obliquely between two irrational time interfaces. This ability, with the addition of the healing Nanites from a TARDIS Sickbay, allows a TARDIS to bring those who die within a TARDIS back to life by healing their corpse and returning their minds to their bodies. In the case of being positioned obliquely between two irrational time interfaces the TARDIS can also reverse the aging of a sentient, turning an adult into an infant. Such events will normally occur only if the TARDIS desires it, and for this reason, it is recommended that operators avoid irrational time interfaces.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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