TARDIS Interlock

an example of TARDIS interlock

Two TARDISes can materialize inside one another, but they have to be operating on the same frequency. The frequency is adjusted using the Time Sensor Control. The Time Sensor Control also ensures the proper time setting, which must be within 1 x 10-9 nano-seconds. If the time setting is too low the TARDISes will go flying off in opposite directions. If it's too high, then Time Ram occurs. When two TARDISes are successfully Interlocked, they will appear to be inside each other. This can cause a Gravity Bubble by increasing the weak force flux beyond design limits. A Gravity Bubble will trap a TARDIS at its current Space-Time Coordinates. A significant power boost to the drive systems is necessary to escape the Bubble. For this reason performing TARDIS Interlock violates 15,473 different Laws of Time. It should be noted that prior reconfiguration of the Architectural Configuration Program can prevent Gravity bubbles (see Environmental Systems).

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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