The Eye of Harmony Copy

(aka Heart of the TARDIS)

The TARDIS's Eye of Harmony

The Heart and soul of a TARDIS is a massive energy collector that is a mathematically constructed copy of the Prime Eye of Harmony on Gallifrey. In modern times it is often referred to as an Eye of Harmony (which can cause some confusion). These Eye copies can be found on all TARDISes after the Type 24. While the Prime Eye is held in an iron-like sphere 10 km in diameter the TARDIS's sphere only about the size of a house.

Artron Energy created by the Prime Eye of Harmony on Gallifrey is broadcast into the Space-Time Vortex. This energy travels though the Vortex's Time Contours. The Heart of a TARDIS is directly linked to the Space-Time Vortex, and uses Chronon Transduction to collect the energy. This creates a link between a TARDIS's Eye and the Prime Eye on Gallifrey. The TARDIS's Heart then emits the beams of Artron Energy to power a TARDIS. The Eye is equipped with a Flux Comparator to ensure a steady flow of energy. The Eye also serves to slowly vent the potential energy stored from dematerialization. This Hawking Radiation is leaked from the Eye's event horizon. As long as the Prime Eye of Harmony on Gallifrey remains in existence, a TARDIS's energy source will never stop producing power.

The closer one gets to the Heart of the TARDIS, the stronger the dimensional "pressure" gets. This "pressure" can have minor effects on the nervous system. If someone were to actually look directly into the Heart, while it was transducting energy from the Prime Eye of Gallifrey, their consciousness would be destroyed by the intense blasts of Artron Energy, leaving only a mindless body behind. Even if the Heart could not collect Energy from Gallifrey (either because it was out of range or because the Prime Eye has been disabled) it would still be incredibly dangerous to look into it - for the Heart is a direct link to the Vortex, a dimension of pure thought with a complexity that borders on sentience. If the viewer was not equipped with symbiotic nuclei they would become one with the Vortex itself and irradiated with a lethal amount of energy. The slowly dying victim would be under the direct control of the Vortex and would be able to use the Power of Creation to alter all of History with a thought. This has been referred to as the Bad Wolf Scenario. If a breach were to occur in the force fields surrounding the Heart, the released energy would be enough to blast an unprotected person to atoms in seconds.

When a TARDIS is de-registered and made non-operational, the Eye is opened for a short time to de-energize it. Once de-energized, a TARDIS can only be reactivated using special Gallifreyan technology. A drained TARDIS can be "jump started" by inserting a charged Neutron Rod into the receptor socket on the Console. A Time Ring's power source can also be used. Whatever the source, the power reading must be well above .2 omegas for a TARDIS to be energized.

The Eye is protected from unauthorized tampering by a retina print lock that only allows Time Lords to open the Eye. This lock can only be changed by altering the Security Matrix on Gallifrey. If the Eye is opened outside of a Dry Dimension Dockyard, it will cut off the flow of Artron energy to the Dynamorphic Generators. Having the Eye of Harmony open alters the molecular structure of any nearby planets. The TARDIS will attempt to contain the Eye's energies but if it is left open, the containment fields will drain all of the Auxiliary Power within three hours. At the end of this time any nearby planets will be destroyed in a massive burst of Gravitational Energy. If the Eye is left open for too long the TARDIS will die.

There is a switch labeled "Do not push" that will collapse an entire TARDIS into the Eye of Harmony. A Time Lord who is very close to their TARDIS can probably send telepathic messages to cause its Eye of Harmony to detonate in a massive explosion that would destroy everything for miles. A TARDIS being destroyed in the Vortex might buckle causality in the Web of Time for centuries in either direction, and with the right technical knowledge and temporal abilities it would be possible to sabotage a TARDIS so that it would destroy the entire Universe.

Since the Heart of the TARDIS is a copy of the Eye of Harmony, it can also serve as an temporary independent power source if the Prime Eye of Harmony is out of range (see Noosphere Parameters) or has been disabled. However the fuel supply of this Copy Eye is not unlimited. Given that the iron sphere that holds the Prime Eye is about 70 million times as big as the one holding a TARDIS's Eye it is possible that the Heart of a TARDIS has only 1/70,000,000 the fuel capacity of the Prime Eye. In any case, it appears that the Copy Eye is capable of supply independent power for at least a few years.

Without the Prime Eye of Harmony a TARDIS would eventually have to refuel itself by using Chronon Transduction to collect temporal energy from temporal instabilities, fault-line running between dimensions, scars on reality, or time rifts found throughout this Universe. After a few days transduction the Heart will be refueled and the TARDIS can move on. A TARDIS's Emergency Procedures will automatically try to divert any large explosion or energy release that occurs inside the TARDIS into its Eye of Harmony. It should be noted that fuel collected in this Universe can only be used in this Universe. Should a TARDIS that relies on scavenged fuel travel into a parallel universe it would be without power unless a source of Gallifreyan energy or a local temporal anomaly could be found. If any of the TARDIS's small Power Cells retain power, they can be charged up if the operator donates a dose of artron energy equivalent to 10 years of their life. Once the cell has finished its recharging cycle (about 24 hours) and powered back up, it can be used to give the TARDIS five minutes to attempt a space-time jump.

Should power from the TARDIS's Heart be unavailable, the TARDIS will have to rely on the Ancillary Power Station for emergency energy.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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