Symbiotic Relationship Circuits

(aka Rassilon Imprimature)

On their first day at the "TARDIS Academy" each TARDIS chooses their Time Lord operator from the ranks of Junior Time Lords at the Time Academy. Once chosen a TARDIS uses its Symbiotic Relationship Circuits to form a symbiotic bond of transcendent biomechanics with a Time Lord's Symbiotic Nuclei. This link is known as the Rassilon Imprimature and it gives the Junior Time Lord access to the greatest of all Time Lord abilities, the Power of Creation. As part of this Imprimature, the TARDIS idiosynchronizes itself to the operator's metabolism giving operator gains quasi-symbiotic control of a TARDIS. This ensures that the will of a Time Lord Operator always overrides the will of a TARDIS's Artron Center.

The Rassilon Imprimature makes a TARDIS more then just a vehicle or even a beast of burden to a Time Lord, they are essential parts of Time Lord technology and culture. The semi-instinctual neural-link between a TARDIS and its operator is almost sexual in its intimacy. Some believe a TARDIS provides a sense of companionship for its Time Lord operator in much the same way that a husband or wife does for their spouse. It is impossible (or at least unethical) for a Time Lord to own more then one TARDIS. This is at least in part, due to the fact that a TARDIS becomes terribly jealous when an operator is bonded to more then one. A TARDIS dims its lights when attempting to communicate with its operator. A TARDIS dims its lights when attempting to communicate with its operator.

No substance can survive the time winds of the Vortex without a Molecular Stabilization System. The symbiotic-link between a Time Lord and his TARDIS allows the TARDIS to access the Dematerialization Codes from his symbiotic nuclei. These codes act as a key for the Dematerialization Circuit and as programming code for the Molecular Stabilizers. Thus the nuclei is essential to initiate and survive long term travel in the Vortex. When the Rotor Control is activated the Briode-Nebuliser absorbs a symbiotic print of the Codes from the operator's Nuclei. Without a Time Lord on board a TARDIS will only be able to travel 1,382 years back in time before beginning to lose structural integrity.

It is possible for a Time Lord to leave a thin membrane of symbiotic print by paring the nebuliser's interface. This membrane will allow a TARDIS to enter and exit the Vortex once without the presence of a Time Lord. If the coordinates have been preset then the Remote Control Facility allows a TARDIS to make a space-time jump without having an operator onboard. Using Manual Symbiotic Bypass Controls it is possible to permanently bypass the nebuliser (see Special Extras) and operate a TARDIS without an Imprimature.

Through the Rassilon Imprimature a Time Lord becomes able to detect his TARDIS's location from several dozen meters away, and predict when materialization is imminent. A Time Lord who is very close to their TARDIS can probably send a telepathic message which will cause its Eye of Harmony to detonate in a massive explosion that would destroy everything for miles. The link even allows the Time Lord to detect a badly wounded TARDIS's "cry" of pain. This exchange works both ways.

A TARDIS generates a low intensity telepathic field of Artron Energy. This telepathic field leaves a "thumb print" of the Time Lord's Symbiotic Nuclei and can be used by others to identify the operator of a TARDIS even after it departs. These prints get even more noticeable if a TARDIS makes a bunch of short hops. However this trail can be distorted by bypassing the Symbiotic Relationship Circuits.

In theory, the death of a TARDIS's Operator causes the Capsule to automatically return to Gallifrey. However in many cases, the death of the Time Lord Operator can cause a grieving TARDIS to lose power, shut down and internally collapse the interior. The Exo-Plasmic shell will suffer isomorphic mass-degeneration. If someone forms a new symbiotic link by idiosynchronizing a TARDIS to respond to a different metabolism, a TARDIS will revive. Some TARDISes in such a state will grieve for millennia, whilst others will die if no Time Lord forms another symbiotic link after a few decades. After the death of an operator with which the TARDIS was particularly close some TARDISes travel to a secrete TARDIS graveyard located in an impacted pocket dimension outside of normal space and time. Very few Time Lords have seen this graveyard, but one such visitor reported seeing hundreds of decaying TARDISes.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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