Symbiotic Nuclei

A Time Lord

Gallifreyans who attend the Time Academies have their Biodata modified to include Symbiotic Nuclei. The Nuclei are worked into the Biodata of the Gallifreyan Initiates, making them Junior Time Lords. To achieve the full rank of Time Lord a Gallifreyan must be granted a TARDIS and form a symbiotic link with it. This link gives the Time Lord access to the Power of Creation.

Time Lords have 69 chromosomes divided into 23 homogeneous triads. Their DNA is a quadruple (or possibly triple) helix. One of these helixes extends through the Fourth Dimension making them Time Sensitive. The Symbiotic Nuclei maps the Time Lord into the Space-Time Vortex with Block-Transfer Numbers. They become linked to the heart of space-time and capable of changing their time-state by thinking the right Block-Transfer equations. This link means that Time Lords are constantly sending small temporal waves throughout the Universe. This symbiotic nucleus is needed to implement the Rassilon Imprimature on a Time Travel Capsule (such as a TARDIS), and to allow the Time Lords to withstand the energies of the Vortex. It also gives them enhanced temporal perception and resistance to chrono-instability. The Laws of Time are built into these genetic modifications, so Time Lords know them instinctively. These genetic modifications allow them to "think" in four dimensions, which is necessary to truly understand the Laws of Time.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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