Main Space Time Element

This fist-sized block of exitonic circuitry is sometimes considered to be the "heart" of a TARDIS. It is located under the console in the Secondary Control Room. It serves as the central processor for the Artron Mainframe and is an essential component for Vortex travel. When a TARDIS materializes, the Element is easily removed, but removal in flight requires deactivating several safety systems in the corridor outside the Secondary Control Room. If the Space Time Element is removed in flight the Time Column will jam and the internal dimensions will begin to destabilize. If this should happen the operator should immediately activate the safety cut-out or a TARDIS will begin to break up from dimensional instability. The Recall Circuit is part of the Main Space-Time Element. The Element must be coded to match the specific Type of the TARDIS's Time Rotor.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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