(aka Actualizing the Quadro-Anchor)

This is the third stage in a space-time journey. The operator should activate the Synchronic Feedback Checking Circuit (to ensure that the TARDIS does not arrive upside down) and the Multi-Loop Stabilizer (to ensure the TARDIS lands firmly on the nearest surface). The Safety Precaution Selector prevents a TARDIS from materializing in a dangerous location (see Safety Precaution Selector in Defensive Systems). TARDISes can be forced to materialize at a specific location by an outside force using a navigational guidance distorter tractor beam. Alternately if a TARDIS's Dynamorphic Generators are malfunctioning then it is possible for its course to be deliberately deflected by another TARDIS.

Right before materialization in a time zone whose History is uncrystallized the TARDIS releases a burst of Artron Energy to collapse the infinite number of possible timelines into a single crystallized timeline. A TARDIS also emits a burst of Tachyons right before materialization. Because of this, it is possible for lesser species to detect the imminent materialization of a TARDIS by watching for peaks in a warp oscilloscope, or gravity dilation meter. Shields rated at 7,300 megazones or a soft Icaron Field can prevent materialization, as can strong temporal, magnetic, or gravitic fields. If a fault occurs that prevents a TARDIS from re-materializing the TARDIS will initiate an Emergency Stop.

For the non-time sensitive, re-materialization looks rather simple. A TARDIS fades into view accompanied by the sound of the Dimensional Stabilizers. Those who are fully time sensitive can see pseudo-metallic tentacles (the Dimensional Stabilizers) extend out of the Space-Time Vortex. The materialization field displaces the atmosphere from the area and then the "tentacles" "pull" a TARDIS's Exo-Shell out of the Vortex and into Normal Space. Without the exterior shell the real world interface appears to be a biomechanical crustacean with several waving fins (the Scanner and other sensors). The TARDIS then seals vortex breach by collapsing the interstitial mesh. Every Re-Materialization leaves a temporary space-time track in the form of residual Artron Energy in the Vortex. The TARDIS Scanner automatically collects data from the landing site's radio, computer, and satellite broadcasts. Analysis of any local cities are made as well. All of this information is stored in the Data-Bank. Using the Telepathic circuits, The TARDIS automatically compensates for traditional jet lag. However certain malfunctions in the TARDIS systems can cause crew members to experience extreme jet lag. The last stage in a TARDIS flight is Stage 387. This stage involves zeroing the co-ordinate differential, so that the automatic systems can reactivate the real-world interface. After this the Main Doors can be opened.

It should be noted that the accidental opening of the Main Doors after the Stabilizers have been extended but, before the displacement field has engaged and materialization is complete, can cause severe disruption to the dimensional stabilizers, possibly resulting in a miniaturized crew and TARDIS. It is also dangerous to overlap the materialization fields of two different timeships, as this will jam the materialization and cause severe damage to both vessels.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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