Gallifreyan Noosphere Parameters

These are the limitations to TARDIS travel. The Back Time Field Buffers prevent a TARDIS from visiting Gallifrey's past. The Buffers can be breached, but it is extremely difficult to do this. For reasons that even the Time Lords don't understand, a TARDIS cannot enter the Kasterborous Sector in Gallifrey's immediate future. It is however, possible to visit Gallifrey's star system several million years after the fall of the Time Lords.

Despite the restrictions in and around Gallifrey, a TARDIS can visit the past or future of the rest of the Multiverse with only two limits. A TARDIS cannot travel further back in time than Event Zero (the Big Bang). This is approximately 10,000,000,000 years before Gallifrey's present (13,500,017,903 BC). The other limit is dictated by the ability of a TARDIS to collect Artron Energy from the Prime Eye of Harmony on Gallifrey. For the most part the Space Parameter is defined by the size of the Universe. The Time Parameter is located at approximately 3,510,000,000 years after Gallifrey's Present (10,000,000 AD). This is the forward limit of TARDIS travel. Automatic Systems prevent a TARDIS from traveling beyond this point and will trigger a boundary limit error if such a course is entered. If an operator overrides the Automatic Systems his TARDIS will have to rely on its own copy of the Eye of Harmony (see Drive Systems below). If the Automatic Systems are overridden then a TARDIS can travel forward until it begins to lose its anchor point on Gallifrey. As this happens the controls will begin to lockup and then a TARDIS will be destroyed. An emergency re-materialization is the only known solution. If a TARDIS travels this far into the future it will require some time to recalibrate before it can dematerialize again.

The Parameters are also defined by the boundaries of the Vortex's Time Spiral. Any TARDIS that tries to pass this boundary would be destroyed and scattered throughout the Vortex. These parameters are wired into core of a TARDIS. As back up the boundary Alarm will triggers an Automatic Emergency Landing should the Time Spiral's boundary be detected. (For more information on the limits of TARDIS travel see The Governing Circuit.)

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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