Navigation Slide Controls

(aka Space-Time Coordinate Programmer)

Also known as the Helmic Orientators, these controls are used by the operator for setting the Space-Time Coordinates. The coordinates must take into account the motion of objects relative to a TARDIS's current location, gravity's distortion of the Space-Time Vortex, and the exact time the operator wishes to travel to.

The Space-Time Coordinates are given relative to Galactic Zero Center (the Center of Mutter's Stellian Spiral). They consist of fifteen digits. While it may seem unlikely that a fifteen digit set of coordinates could precisely locate any point in space and time it should be noted the Gallifreyans might not have a base 10 counting system. The first two digits designate the Vector, the second two the Quadrant, the next seven digits represent the exact spatial location, and the last four digits represent the temporal location. These last digits advance steadily as a TARDIS "moves" forward in time. The Space-Time Coordinates are calculated using advanced N-Dimensional Mathematics. If the TARDIS receives a signal from a Spacio-Temporal Alarm Beacon then its triangulated coordinates can be used as the destination coordinates. The Directional Unit can be fine-tuned if (in addition to the current spatial coordinates) the relative locations of several Landmark Worlds are entered into the programmer. Such worlds include Gallifrey, Dagusa, Caresh, Erekan, Gau-Usu, and Cern. Once the numerical sequence is known, setting the coordinates with the Slide Controls is a simple matter. The first eleven digits are inputted into the Geographical and Interstellar Destination controls. The remaining four are inputted into the Temporal Destination controls.

Care should always be taken when setting the coordinates. If the coordinates are miss-set in such a way as to present the Directional Unit with an unsolvable equation a symbolic resonance could occur in the Trachoid Time Crystal, trapping a TARDIS in a fractal Zenos Paradox. Such a paradox would send a TARDIS into the cracks between dimensions and prevent the TARDIS from ever materializing. The TARDIS would remain trapped until the Vortex had eroded away everything except its foundational principles. Alternately if a TARDIS's navigational system and velocity regulator are reset incorrectly then Control Room will be flooded with Time Spillage. Care should also be taken to avoid traveling back in time without first altering the spatial coordinates. If this is not done the TARDIS might materialize inside its younger self. The TARDIS will use the Cloister Bell to warn the operator if this is about to occur. All flight information is stored by the Banshee Circuits, which serve as a flight recorder. Proper maintenance is necessary to ensure accurate space-time jumps. If this maintenance is neglected for too long, the Programmer will wear out. For this reason it is recommended that an operator have their TARDIS's navigation systems recalibrated and serviced every 500 years.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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