The Multiverse

The Multiverse was formed by a random fluctuation of energy called the Big Bang or Event Zero. This explosion created N-Space, Exo-Space (with negative coordinates) and all the various artificially created Parallel Alternate Universes. Each of these Universes exists by collapsing and expanding over billions of years. The Multiverse is made up of 11 dimensions: The three spatial (dimensions 1-3) and two temporal dimensions (4-5) form first. The remaining 6 dimensions curled up into the size of a proton to become the Six-Fold Realm (aka Calabai-Yau Space).

There are (probably) an infinity of parallel universes located 'sideways' in time. Like all universes these universes are defined by the conscious choices of their inhabitants. It is possible for a TARDIS to travel to a specific parallel universe if one knows that universe's phase shift, but this will strain and possibly damage the vessel. It should be noted that if a TARDIS that relies on scavenged fuel (as opposed to the Eye of Harmony on Gallifrey) travels into an parallel universe it would be without power. Fuel collected in this Universe can only be used in this Universe. The TARDIS would be dead unless a source of Gallifreyan energy or a local temporal anomaly could be found.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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