Life Support Systems

(a.k.a. Power Room #7)

The Life Support Systems are located in another of the Power Rooms. These systems include the Dimensional Stabilizers, Atmosphere Monitoring Subsystems, and the Auto-Gravity System. The Life Support Systems can support several thousands of humanoids. Minor life support needs, like interior lighting, are usually powered by the auxiliary power source. Aside from the glowing roundels there are no obvious light sources in a TARDIS - nevertheless the interior will be quite well lit. A fully functional TARDIS will guide lost crewmembers to their destination using glowing arrows on the walls. A TARDIS has an optional diurnal (day/night) cycle. The duration of these cycles, if enabled, will be derived from the brainwaves of the authorized crewmembers. Using the Telepathic circuits, The TARDIS automatically compensates for traditional jet lag. However certain malfunctions in the TARDIS systems can cause crewmembers to experience extreme jet lag. The movement of non-sentient animals within a TARDIS can be controlled by setting the TARDIS to deliver electrostatic shocks if an animal moves into forbidden area.

Crewmembers will find that for every month they spend inside a TARDIS they will age slightly less then a week. However, when energy supplies are completely depleted, the passage of time inside the TARDIS slows down relative to the exterior.

When left on its default setting the Hynoleptic Interface creates numerous internal illusions to prevent lesser humanoid species who are travelling in a TARDIS from going insane. Thus, aside from a slight vibration when traveling in the Vortex, the interior seems perfectly normal to most humanoids.

Though these systems provide almost total protection from the energies of the Vortex the crew of a TARDIS will still be lightly irradiated with Artron Energy Oxidants while in the Vortex. Each trip will incrementally increase the amount of energy collected in the crew's DNA. Aside from providing greater reserves for certain telepathic situations there are no side effects from this Artron irradiation and though the concentration will continue to build it will never reach dangerous levels. Every TARDIS contains instruments for measuring these types of irradiation and thus verifying if the subject has traveled through the Vortex. It is possible to drain this energy out of a time traveler's DNA and put it to some sort of constructive use.

Vortex travel will also cause the crew to accumulate Bockatrons, and Harminum, and other exotic particles. While most humanoids experience no side effects, a small percentage of life-forms that lack Symbiotic Nuclei suffer from Time-Sickness during flight. This usually manifests itself as strong feeling of dislocation but can take the form of headaches or digestive disorders. While Time Lords are immune to Time-Sickness they are vulnerable to Temporal Shift Lag due to having 22 different types of temporal senses. Such effects can only be overcome if the Time Lord develops special mental disciplines.

A TARDIS always plays a very light melody in the background to soothe and relax its crewmembers. This melody sounds like a steady hum to non-Gallifreyans. The tone of the hum changes depending on whether the TARDIS is materialized or in the Vortex. If this "melody" is ever deactivated, then the life support system can be faintly heard. It sounds like very slow breathing. An alarm will sound if the life-support systems are about to fail.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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