Fault Locator

When programmed to run a Basic Reality Check, this device gives a Ship Status Report, which lists all of the ship's instrumentation in green alphanumeric code. The Codes are listed consecutively. Three lights show the status of the instrumentation: green for normal, yellow for standby, and red for malfunction. Malfunctioning parts are also denoted by a flashing text. Systems marked with a standby (yellow) notice should be examined as soon as possible. Malfunctioning systems (red) are partially or completely unusable. The Locator can also provide the operator with a printout. It takes about ten minutes for the Locator to display the status of every instrument on a TARDIS. Operators are cautioned that the Fault Locator can't pinpoint stuck switches or misaligned controls. The Fault Locator is found in the Fault Locator Room (Power Room #9), near the Secondary Control Room, though there is also a readout display under a flap on the console. To ensure reliability the Fault Locator operates on a completely different system and has its own power source. The Fault Locator is also used to activate Self-Repair Mode (see the next entry, Molecular Stabilizers).

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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