The Prime Eye of Harmony

(aka Rassilon's Star, The Caldera, The Time-Sun)

The Seal of Rasslion

Rassilon's Star was originally a Population III star named Qqaba. Rassilon and Omega used the Hand of Omega to turn this star into a rotating Black Hole. Using Amaranths and Stasis-Haloes, Rassilon brought the nucleus of the black hole to Gallifrey and placed it under the Panopticon (assembly hall) in the Capitol. The Eye was stabilized in an eternally dynamic equation against the mass of Gallifrey. This star became known as the Eye of Harmony because it sits outside History and watches the rest of the Universe. The Eye makes up the largest structure on Gallifrey - so large that it needs its own micro-universe (sometimes known as the Caldera). Rassilon also created the ebonite rod known as the Great Key (aka the Rod of Rassilon) which allows a Time Lord physical access to the power mast of the Eye of Harmony.

Within the Event-Horizon of the black hole is a singularity and a universe of antimatter. All the known physical laws cease to exist here and anyone with a high enough reality quotient and sufficient willpower can have god-like powers. Outside the Event-Horizon of the spinning star is an area called the Ergosphere. In this area, energy that escapes the singularity's gravity is accelerated and amplified to almost infinite levels. Rassilon surrounded the Ergosphere with an iron sphere 10 kilometers in diameter. This sphere was mirrored on the inside. Rassilon allowed a light beam to enter the sphere. This light was amplified by the singularity's Ergosphere, reflected off the mirrored sphere, was amplified again, and so on. Each time the light beam gained energy. A small hole at the top of the sphere released the amplified light beam. The Eye is shifted slightly into the future so that the near infinite power of the light beam emerges in a controllable osmotic stream. After being converted into Artron Energy, the power is ready for use. Artron energy is measured in units called Omegas. This near magical use of superradiant scattering allows the Eye of Harmony to provide energy for all of Gallifrey's needs (including time travel). The destabiliztion of the Eye of Harmony would cause Gallifrey to turn into antimatter and would destroy a hundred worlds.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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