Estimated Time of Arrival


Once a TARDIS has dematerialized and the Epsilon Coordinates are input the ETA will be displayed on the console. Since the Artron Mainframe usually calculates the Epsilon Coordinates, the Estimated Time of Arrival is based (in theory) on the space-time distance covered, and the efficiency of the Epsilon calculations. A TARDIS travels forwards in time faster than backwards because it isn't fighting the flow of time and, in general, the larger the temporal jump the longer the flight.

However because of difficulties in creating a safe path through the vortex physical distance has little affect on travel time. A trip of 1 mile often takes longer then crossing half the universe. While a TARDIS journey can take 9 weeks, in practice, it is rare for a trip to take longer then two days. Some operators claim the "mood" of the ship affects the ETA. This claim could have some basis in fact. Being four-dimensional beings TARDISes actually prefer travelling in the Vortex to inhabiting the Multiverse. However TARDISes have Curiosity Circuits. Without these circuits a TARDIS would never leave the Vortex. Despite all these variables, the displayed ETA will be accurate to within 5%.

Regardless of a TARDIS' current position in the Vortex a flight to Gallifrey never takes more then 10-30 minutes. For example it takes 10 minutes to get to Gallifrey from 21st century Earth.

It is possible for an Operator to choose a "long" route (and thus extend perceived travel time) through the Vortex. When the total power is reduced a TARDIS's trips through the Vortex take longer.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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