Dynamorphic Power Station

(aka Power room #3)

This is the location of the Dynamorphic Generators. The Power Station is a chamber with a mile-high ceiling and no discernible walls. The room is filled with millions of Trachoid Time Crystals, each one a few meters from the next. They look like thick green crystal columns that reach the ceiling. The control system consists of machinery with buttons, lights and meters. Power is supplied to the Generators via the Dynamorphic Relays. The Dynamorphic Generators use revolution-induced gravity to convert the Artron Energy into Orbital Energy. This energy takes the form of energetic Muons, which provide counter-magnetization Thrust for travel in the Space-Time Vortex. The thrust is controlled and modulated by the Time Rotor using Forced-Matter Calculations.

An operator can monitor the consumption of this energy via the Neutronium Counter, which displays the power in omegas. Once in the Vortex, a TARDIS requires a minimum of one quarter of full power (1000 omegas) to travel. Traveling at minimum power greatly increases the ETA. Due to the Protocols of Linearity it requires much more power for a TARDIS to return to a point in time right after it left if a large amount of time has passed for the TARDIS since it last visited that time zone. The Generators can't handle more than 1000 omegas for more than a few seconds. If the Generators are being overloaded then, as a last resort, the Time Vector Generator can be physically removed to prevent major damage.

The magnetic containment systems of the Dynamorphic Generators continuously discharge temporal plasma fields in a wave-loop pattern. The specific Type of a TARDIS can be determined at a distance by analyzing this wave loop's signature shift ratios. The same identification can be carried out by checking the molecular patina of its Shell.

The Power Station also gives access to the Artron Energy Capacitor, which is located behind a door with a red tinted window.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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