Relative Dimensional Stablizers

The primary and secondary Relative Dimensional Stabilizers allow the operator to cross three dimensional barriers. They are responsible for creating the size, shape and form of a TARDIS's interior. They are found in all of the Control Rooms. The Relative Dimensional Stablizers cycle continuously when a TARDIS is in flight and can sometimes be faintly heard. The sound is clearly audible on the exterior when a TARDIS materializes or dematerializes. This sound is slightly different for different types of TARDIS. Monitoring and controlling the RDS takes up more of the Artron Mainframe's processing power than any other function.

The stabilizers are an essential part of the Temporal Grace Field. With a few simple modifications the stabilizers can alter the size of people or objects. This is same basic technique used by the Master's Tissue Compression Eliminator.

Vintage Mark I TARDISes have very primitive Stabilizers in comparison to later models. If a TARDIS dematerializes without the Stabilizers being fully active, then the internal gravity will go into a "spin." If they are completely disabled, then the life support systems become inoperative.

Dimensional Stabilizers have Probability Compensators that can be used to fix some kinds of space-time anomalies. They can seal cracks in Time that lead to Parallel Universes, repair damage to the time lines, and act as temporal decrystallizers.

A primitive Relative Dimensional Stabiliser can be constructed out of the drive circuits of a ship equipped with a warp drive using the following procedures:

  1. Deactivate all drive circuits
  2. Reverse the polarity of the main warp feeds
  3. Regrade the deoscillation digretic synthesizers by minus 10 points
  4. Realign the maxivectormeter on drags so they cross connect with the radia-bicentric anodes
  5. Switch the conceptual geometer from analogue to digital mode
  6. Begin triggering feedback responses from the conceptual geometer until a reading of 57-836 results
  7. Reactivate all drive circuits

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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