Dematerialization Procedures

Though there are 387 Stages to a TARDIS Vortex Flight, almost all of these are automatic. There are only 5 steps an operator must undertake to dematerialize a TARDIS from N-Space and initiate Vortex travel. And only 4 for Re-Materialization. For security purposes a TARDIS Information System does not contain any flight instructions.

1. Programming of the Navigational Instruments

Navigation Slide Controls

The current spatial coordinates (relative to Gallifrey's Eye of Harmony, at the center of Mutter's Stellian Spiral) and the current temporal location (relative to Gallifrey's Present) are programmed into a TARDIS's Directional Unit using the Navigational Slide Controls. These are usually the last set of coordinates used. If the Space-Time Coordinates of the current location have changed since the last materialization, then the new coordinates will have to be input. If the current coordinates are not precisely known then an accurate course is impossible to plot. Once this is completed the Space-Time Coordinates of the desired destination (again relative to Gallifrey's Eye of Harmony and Gallifrey's present) are also programmed in (for more info see Navigation Slide Controls). If the operator desires, he can file a Forward Reference instead of setting the coordinates. This allows a TARDIS to dematerialize without setting any coordinates. In this case a TARDIS will remain in Limbo after dematerialization until coordinates are patched in.

2. Computer Acceptance

The Directional Unit then uses the Space-Time Coordinates to calculate the Epsilon Coordinates, which serve as a path or a "road map" through the Space-Time Vortex. A TARDIS's computer usually does these calculations, but some Time Lords can compute Epsilon Coordinates in their heads. Calculating the Epsilon Coordinates is very complicated and requires good math skills.

The Input Bar is then depressed to feed the coordinates into the Course Acceptance Unit. If the Input Bar is omitted, then a TARDIS will assume a Forward Reference has been filed. The vessel will dematerialize and remain in Limbo awaiting Epsilon Coordinates and other Flight Data. Once the Epsilon Coordinates have been input, the course can be checked with the Destination Monitor.

The full destination display uses the format show below:

3. Power Build-up to required Levels

The Transit Switch needs to be toggled to activate the Vortex Primer, which provides the power boost for travel. If this step is omitted, a TARDIS will have insufficient power to travel more than a few hundred meters or seconds. It should be noted that it takes a TARDIS 12 minutes to build up enough power in the Time Rotor's Energy Storage Unit to dematerialize after materializing.

4. Dematerialization

The Doctor's TARDIS dematerialising

The Master Dematerialization Switch (a.k.a. Brake) can now be activated. This will engage the laser trigger of the Dematerialization Circuit and dematerialize a TARDIS. The Dematerialization Switch can be set on a time delay or remotely activated using a sonic screwdriver.

The Molecular Dematerialization Codes are necessary to properly trigger the Dematerialization Circuit. They are essential to initiate successful travel in the Vortex. This is usually done automatically by the Symbiotic Relationship Circuit's Briode-Nebuliser, which pulls the codes from the operator's Rassilon Imprimature in the form of a Symbiotic Print.

5. Vortex travel.

While within the Vortex the TARDIS operates in Walrus Mode. The Spatial Drive will activate automatically when a TARDIS has entered the Space-Time Vortex. It is impossible (save using the emergency unit) to alter the coordinates once the ship has activated the Spatial Drive. In theory, once the coordinates and course are programmed in, a TARDIS will travel to its destination and materialize automatically. In practice, Time Lord supervision is sometimes necessary to avoid dangers in the Space-Time Vortex. For example, collision with other objects in the Vortex is prevented using the Anti-Collision Control. An operator can monitor the consumption of this energy via the Neutronium Counter which displays the power in omegas. Once in the Vortex, a TARDIS requires a minimum of one quarter of full power (1000 omegas) to travel. Traveling at minimum power greatly increased the ETA. Travel through a Vortex wormhole can be displayed on the Scanner. A red tinted tunnel is displayed for traveling forwards in time and a blue tint indicates travel into the relative past.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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