This is the first stage of space-time travel. The Molecular Dematerialization Codes are needed to activate the laser trigger found inside the Dematerialization Circuit. The Symbiotic Relationship Circuits automatically input these codes if the operator is a Time Lord. It might be possible to bypass the codes and activate the laser trigger using a Light Accelerator. Once the circuit is activated Dematerialization begins with the sublaminar processes being modulated by a stepped series of quantum-depolarized frabjastanic couplings. The resulting gravimetric packets are then filtered through a reciprocating Brantix-Wankel amulator to convert their subneutronic spin from anticlockwise to inside out. By extending the Time Field, a TARDIS can take part of the surrounding environment with it when it dematerializes, but this difficult to accomplish.

With the dematerialization complete the TARDIS uses the subneutronic spin as a basic template for the mesonic collapse of the interstitial mesh that seals the newly created breach in space-time. During dematerialization the massive power used in the dematerialization is converted into potential energy. To prevent this energy from discharging into normal space at the moment of dematerialization the energy is stored and slowly emitted from the Eye of Harmony in the form of Hawking Radiation. After each materialization it takes twelve minutes for the Time Rotor's Energy Storage Unit to power up for the next trip. This makes the Dematerialization Circuit the most power intensive system in a TARDIS. Strong shields, temporal fields, magnetic fields, or steep gravity gradients (like a black hole) can interfere with dematerialization.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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