Over time entropy will eat away at a TARDIS's systems until a major system failure occurs. Every TARDIS has an expected life span of several thousand years. However it will often be de-registered and scrapped at the breakers before then if its technology becomes obsolete. When a TARDIS is near death the flow of time between the interior and exterior begins to break down. At this point, a TARDIS will travel to a secret TARDIS graveyard located in an impacted pocket dimension outside of normal space and time. Very few Time Lords have seen this graveyard, but one such visitor reported seeing hundreds of decaying TARDISes. The Cloister Room will be the last part to disintegrate. A TARDIS that dies with an active Eye of Harmony will jettison its interior. Its location at the time of death will determine whether the interior is dumped into the Space-Time Vortex or the Space-Time continuum.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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