Atmosphere Monitoring Subsystem

The Atmosphere Monitoring Subsystem display

This system uses the Relative Dimensional Stabilizers to control the type and amount of atmosphere pumped into a TARDIS. Used air is recycled, purified, and reclaimed by the Automatic Oxygen Supply System.

It automatically adjusts the internal temperature and humidity for the comfort of the crew. Despite this, humans often find the internal atmosphere somewhat drier than what they are used to. If a TARDIS lands on a habitable planet, it will draw air from the outside and filter it. If the interior hum is ever deactivated, then the life support system can be faintly heard. It sounds like very slow breathing. It should be noted that the TARDIS's Protyon Unit is vulnerable to high temperatures (over 40 degrees Celsius). There is an Emergency Unit with enough air for several hours. When the internal environment's temperature rises beyond a TARDIS's engineering tolerances, then the automatic controls will be disabled. Venting the Thermo-Buffer can be used to cool the interior of a TARDIS when the environment is unstable.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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