Artron Energy

Artron Energy is a form of psionic/temporal energy that is the energy of thought and perception - thus it is the very stuff of History itself. Artron energy can be used to translate thoughts and emotions into History itself. Because it is resistant to the effects of the Space-Time Vortex, it is the primary energy used in TARDISes. Artron energy per unit time is measured in units called Omegas. A common rat can generate one atto-Omega (1 x 10-18 omegas) of Artron Energy. Artron Energy can be maser-modulated into thermal energy. When converted, the thermal energy of one atto-Omega is enough to instantly kill a cat. From this is can be determined that one Omega equals (within an order of magnitude) about 3x1021 watts. The power necessary for a TARDIS to make a trip through time is many orders of magnitude more then that of star. Earth's sun puts out 4x1026 watts.

Due to their genetic structure, all Time Lords possess at least a quantum of Artron Energy. The crew of a TARDIS will be lightly irradiated with Artron Energy during Vortex travel, incrementally increasing the amount of energy they possess. Aside from providing greater reserves for certain telepathic situations there are no side effects from this irradiation and though it will continue to accumulate it will never reach dangerous levels. Since Artron Energy is used by both TARDISes and Gallifreyans, thus a TARDIS can use its power to help a Time Lord regenerate. However if a Time Lord's exposure is too great, he must die or regenerate within a day. A Gallifreyan can save an irradiated victim by absorbing the energy from their body into his own. After doing this a regeneration will be necessary to get rid of the excess energy. Artron energy flows can be disrupted by some types of magnetic field.

Color Key

The following color code is used:

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