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BFE3: Excelis Decays

Cover Picture

Writer: Craig Hinton

ISBN: 1 903654 65 3

Released: July 2002

Director: Gary Russell

Producers Gary Russell and Jason Haigh-Ellery

Placement: Shortly before Enemy Within (1996 TV Movie)

Links: Excelis Decays is the third part of the Excelis trilogy. It follows on from Excelis Dawns and Excelis Rising, and sets up events for The Plague Herds of Excelis

Doctor: The Seventh

The Seventh Doctor

The Seventh Doctor is short, dark-haired, and speaks with a slight scottish accent. He thinks of himself as "Time's Champion", deliberately seeking out situations to "put right". He usually has a plan, and is willing to manipulate everyone - including his companions - to achieve it.
Companions: none
Recurring Characters: Lord Grayvorn In Excelis Dawns, the Doctor encountered a warlord called Lord Grayvorn, and accompanied him on a quest to find a mysterious relic, which was supposedly the gateway to the afterlife. A thousand years later, in Excelis Rising, the Doctor again encountered Grayvorn, whose life had been prolonged by the relic, and defeated his plan to take the relic for himself. The Doctor believed Grayvorn to have been killed, but his mind survived, trapped in the stone of the Excelis Museum.
The Mother Superior The Doctor encountered the Mother Superior of a convent in Excelis during Excelis Dawns. She fought Grayvorn for control of the relic. During Excelis Rising, the Doctor realised that she had been sharing Grayvorn's mind. His actions separated the two of them, and the Mother Superior's soul was absorbed into the relic.
Recommended Viewing: In Enemy Within (1996 TV Movie), the TARDIS console room had been totally redesigned from its earlier appearance.
Recommended Reading: none.
Recommended Listening: Excelis Dawns and Excelis Rising set up the characters of Lord Grayvorn and the Mother Superior, as well as the powers of the Relic.
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