Whoniverse Links

This list is a selection of websites from the Doctor Who Webguide that are particular favourites of the webmaster, or which have a particular relevance to Doctor Who continuity. It is also a guide to some of the most useful reference books to the series that are out there.

General Doctor Who Websites

The Official BBC Site
What it says on the tin, the official site features clips, the Tardisodes, commentaries, several webcast stories, and several out of print Who novels available as ebooks. It also has BBC press releases, and reference guides. It is far more focused on multimedia material than anything else.

The Official Torchwood Site
This is to Torchwood what the BBC Doctor Who site is to Doctor Who. Again, lots of multimedia stuff. However, the site relies on you having the latest version of flash. Unfortunately, said version hasn't yet been released for Linux.

Big Finish Productions
Big Finish produce officially licensed Doctor Who audios. Their site is mainly a way to buy directly from them.

Outpost Gallifey
This is the official unofficial Doctor Who site. It features the best Doctor Who news site in existence, the biggest Doctor Who forum in existence, the official version of the webguide, and the Canon Keeper's Guide - an extensive list of all the Doctor's adventures in internal chronological order.

Continuity-related Doctor Who Websites

The Doctor Who Reference Guide
Synopses of all official Doctor Who stories in any medium ever.

The DiscContinuity Guide
Discontinuity Guide style reviews of the audio adventures.

Who's Doctor Who
A detailed biography of the Doctor using only the TV series.

The New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club website. Features the Who Killed Kennedy e-book, and the DiscContinuity Guide mentioned above

Rassilon, Omega, and that Other guy
(there's a mirror of it here)
Will B Swift's extensive guide to Gallifrey - taking into account absolutely everything. He knows more than I do.

Whoconcord is a yahoo group set up to produce a multi-volume encyclopedia of everything (and I mean everything) that has ever appeared in Doctor Who. The Doctor Who database on this site is tied into the whoconcord project, mostly because these two similar ideas happened at the same time.

The Universal Databank
Online version of Jean Marc L'Officier's Universal Databank - an encyclopedia of the whoniverse as seen in the original TV series, though it draws more heavily on the Target novellisations than it ought to.

On Target
A guide to the Target novellisations, and how they differ from the TV stories they're based on. Be warned, though, that you have to click on a Doctor's face to get to the list of his stories.

The Cloister Library
A page by page guide to the continuity references of Doctor Who novels, together with reviews and goofs - including possible solutions.

Non-Who sites

Enormouschicken Productions
Home of Tom Hey, aka Enormouschicken, who did our header graphics, navigation buttons, and forum graphics. You too can hire him.

Steve's Homepage
Non-Who stuff by the guy who runs this place.

Recommended Reading

The Television Companion - This contains story synopses and extensive reviews of every Classic Series story.

The Handbook - The ultimate guide to the production of the classic series.

The Sixties; The Seventies; The Eighties - now out of print, this triology was definitely the best illustrated guide to the series to date. Not as detailed as many of the books without pictures, it's well worth picking up these books if you can find them.

About Time - by far the most detailed guide to the fiction of Who ever published. This six book series is both informative and entertaining, with continuity notes, plot holes, cultural explanations and extensive essays on everything under the sun.

The Discontinuity Guide - easily one of the landmark Who reference guides, the discontinuity guide is a tongue in cheek guide to the continuity of the series. It was out of print for many years, but is now available again.

AHistory - Lance Parkin's extensive guide to the history of the Doctor Who universe, featuring every TV story, audio, and novel up to the end of the first series of the new series. The out of print 1990s version (A History of the Universe), which covered the Classic series and most of the Virgin novels is also worth getting, simply because it's a much more fun read.

I, Who - the I, Who series is the only printed guide to Doctor Who books and audios. Volume 1, however, is out of print.

Cybermen - David Banks' illustrated guide to the Cybermen from 1988 is by far the best book ever to focus on such a niche part of the Doctor Who universe. The book's high point is its landmark history of the Cybermen, which has worked its way into a couple of the novels.

The Completely Useless Encyclopedia - as you might expect, this (sadly out of print) book is completely useless. However, it is also the most fun Doctor Who non-fiction book ever published (with the possible exception of the follow up, The Completely Unofficial Encyclopedia, which I've yet to read).

Script Books - there have been a number of script books published over the years. A small number of Classic series scripts have been published individually, and there is a fantastic script book covering Season 12. Big Finish have released several published collections of scripts for their audio plays, and the shooting scripts for the new series have also been released.

Links policy

This list of links is hand picked from the sites in the Doctor Who Reference Guide. E-mails asking me to add your site to this list are probably a waste of your time unless your site is utterly exceptional. The list is periodically reviewed.

If you would like to link your site to mine, please feel free to do so. Like all webmasters, I like it when people link to me.


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