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Short Stories

Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury

Editor: Paul Cornell

Last Christmas UNIT Christmas Parties: First Christmas
Water's Edge A Yuletide Tail
Spookasem Christmas Special
Never Seen Cairo The Man Who (Nearly) Killed Christmas
Last Minute Shopping Every Day
The Little Things UNIT Christmas Parties: Christmas Truce
The Clanging Chimes of Doom Perfect Present
Present Tense Goodwill Toward Men
It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow All Our Christmasses
Lily ...Be Forgot
UNIT Christmas Parties: Ships That Pass Evergreen

Last Christmas

Features the Seventh Doctor

Author: Simon Guerrier

Roots: Sapphire and Steel 'Adventure Two' (a ghost that remains due to its resentment at its death).

Dialogue Triumphs: "The very worst people are the ones who say that Christmas is a time for something. It's all about family or kindness or forgiveness. Or not being so stupid and obnoxious. Just the things they should be doing all year anyway!"

Continuity: It isn't explained who built the chapel uncovered by shelling in No Man's Land, but the Doctor claims that it has existed for nearly one thousand years. It contains a spring producing the elixir that allows Smith to survive his own death as an invisible ghost.

The Doctor is wearing his linen suit here and dons a Santa Claus hat for the occasion. He again uses the alias Smith.

Links: The Doctor is travelling alone, setting this story between Lungbarrow and Doctor Who: Enemy Within.

Location: France, during World War One; London, England, 24th December [c2005].

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor has met Samarjit at the pub on Christmas Eve every year for over ninety years; only nine weeks have elapsed for the Doctor during this period, during which he foiled an invasion attempt.

The Bottom Line: A decent if slightly morbid start to the anthology, which mercifully suggests that it isn't going to consist entirely of cloying sentiment.

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UNIT Christmas Parties: First Christmas

Features the Third Doctor, Liz Shaw, the Brigadier, and Sergeant Benton

Author: Nick Wallace

Roots: The Doctor buys Brut champagne for the party, and provides music by the Beatles and the Beach Boys.

Goofs: If Benton knows Zbregniev in 1969, he must be a lot older than he looks in Battlefield.

Continuity: The ship that is approaching Earth is a Bathesdan derelict. The Doctor intends to return it to Bathesda.

The Doctor has a pigeonhole at UNIT HQ but considers himself too important to ever bother checking it. The Doctor drinks whiskey with the Brigadier.

The Doctor provides music for the party that includes the Agoran opera "The March of the Cyborgs" (Killing Ground) and John Smith and the Common Men (100,000 BC). He serves Venusian bra'tek'h and notes that Osirian curry is best served close to absolute zero (Pyramids of Mars).

Liz gets to see sunrise from space whilst on board the Bathesda derelict.

Links: General Scobie and Captain Munro first appeared in Spearhead from Space. Corporal Bell first appeared in The Mind of Evil. Zbregniev appeared in Battlefield. The TARDIS console is still outside the TARDIS (The Silurians, The Ambassadors of Death, Inferno) [the dating of this story places it between Inferno and Terror of the Autons].

Location: UNIT HQ, England, and a Bathesda ship approaching Earth, 24th December [1969].

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor gives Liz a dress that he claims once belonged to Cleopatra.

The Bottom Line: An utterly charming story that captures the best aspects of the "UNIT family" without becoming twee.

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Water's Edge

Features the Sixth Doctor

Author: Peter Adamson

Roots: The real-life tragedy at Tangiwai.

Goofs: Matiu's means of travelling back in time is so maddeningly vague as to suggest that Adamson can't think of a convincing explanation for it himself.

Continuity: The Doctor is wearing his predominantly blue frock coat (Real Time).

Links: The Doctor is travelling alone, setting this story between The Trial of a Time Lord and Business Unusual.

Location: Tangiwai, Auckland, 24th to 25th December 1953; Auckland, December 2004.

The Bottom Line: Slight but involving, although the nature of the story means that it is inevitably rather predictable.

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A Yuletide Tail

1: Part One 2: Part Two

Features the Seventh Doctor and Ace

Author: Dave Stone

Roots: The works of Charles Dickens, obviously, especially A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist. There is a reference to Droopy.

Continuity:: The Slaargs built Dickensworld as a theme park, and populated it with cloned humans. They decide to destroy it, but the Doctor releases mutagen-spores that are lethal to them in order to force them to leave the inhabitants alone.

The Doctor keeps fish in his pocket.

Location: Dickensworld, date unknown

The Bottom Line: Short, witty and imaginative, A Yuletide Tale is typical Dave Stone fare, compressed into a neat little stocking filler.

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Features the Seventh Doctor

Author: Peter Anghelides

Roots: There are references to FCUK, Coca cola, and Tesco.

Continuity: The power that Melissa is channeling is a sprite trapped on Earth hundreds of years earlier.

Links: The Doctor is travelling alone, setting this story between Lungbarrow and Doctor Who: Enemy Within.

Location: WendiWorld, England, 25th June, [the near future, based on the size of WendiWorld and the cost of the doll's house].

The Bottom Line: Dull, unoriginal and with little to recommend it. The ill-defined sprite is the sort of thing that "Tara Samms" might just about be able to get away with by being grim and gritty, which this story isn't.

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Christmas Special

Features the Sixth Doctor.

Author: Mark Platt

Roots: The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special. There are references to This is Your Life, The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Disney Time, Selina Scott, Des Lynam, "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing", Mrs. Thatcher, David and Richard Attenborough, Carol Vorderman, Nigella Lawson, Trinny and Susannah, Bruce Forsyth, Fred Astaire, Fonteyn, Pan's People, Scooby Doo, Buck Rogers, Metal Mickey, and Coronation Street.

Dialogue Triumphs: "No. I'm sorry. You're sending it up. Science fiction is serious stuff. It has to be played straight."

Continuity: The Doctor has seen the TV in the antiques shop near Shepherd's Bush numerous times over the years, before he is encouraged to buy it. He has an elaborate dream which might be directly caused by the television set. He keeps a rubber plant in the console room. He keeps a secret tin of Mrs. Beeton's homemade mince pies in the stasis cabinet in the TARDIS pantry.

Links: The Doctor is travelling alone, setting this story between The Trial of a Time Lord and Business Unusual. There are references to Cybermen, Nimon (The Horns of Nimon and Seasons of Fear).

Location: Shepherd's Bush, London, date unknown; the TARDIS.

Unrecorded Adventures: Immediately prior to this story, the Doctor defeats the fiery Ordrulfi, leaving a new volcano on Ealing Common in the process.

The Bottom Line: "Happy Christmas, Doctor. And many more of them!" Nice idea, although it drags on for far too long and the rather bitter references to the eighteen-month hiatus feel like very old news.

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Never Seen Cairo

Features the Fifth and Seventh Doctors.

Author: Darren Sellars

Continuity: The Fifth Doctor dons khaki trousers and an off-white shirt. He describes Cairo as one of the few places on Earth where he feels a genuine sense of awe.

Links: The Fifth Doctor is travelling with Peri, setting this story between Planet of Fire and The Caves of Androzani. The Seventh Doctor's reference to losing someone in the war is presumably a reference to Roz (So Vile a Sin).

Location: No Man's Land, France, 25th December 1914.

The Bottom Line: Short, poignant, and beautifully written, Never Seen Cairo is a fine use of the inevitable inclusion of the famous Christmas Eve football match in No Man's Land.

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The Man Who (Nearly) Killed Christmas

Features the Second Doctor

Author: Mark Michalowski

Roots: There is a reference to the Doctor's meeting with Santa Claus in the TV Comic Dr Who comic strip "A Christmas Story". John and Gillian are also mentioned.

Continuity: The Second Doctor is persuaded to tell a story to the school children by a Miss Wright, presumably Barbara.

Links: The Doctor is travelling alone, setting this story between The War Games and The Two Doctors.

Location: England, date unknown.

The Bottom Line: Whimsical and entertaining, although it does raise the question of why Michalowski didn't just go the whole hog and dispense with the storytelling trappings.

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Last Minute Shopping

Features the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough

Author: Neil Perryman

Roots: There are references to Selfridges, "Good King Wenceslas", 1984, Scalectric, Michael Moore's Stupid White Men, A Christmas Carol, Einstein, and eBay. The Plaine Man's Pathway to Heaven by Arthur Dent is a reference to The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Goofs: Tegan seems remarkably at ease with the circumstances surrounding Adric's death.

Continuity: Turlough drinks a Bacardi Breezer.

Links: The Doctor mentions T-Mat (The Seeds of Death), the Eye of Orion (The Five Doctors) and Rassilon. Tegan recalls shooting a Cyberman (Earthshock). Turlough recalls Brendon Boys School (Mawdryn Undead). There is a reference to Nestenes (Spearhead from Space, Terror of the Autons, Rose). The mysterious gift bought for the Doctor by Tegan causes the Cloister Bell to ring (Logopolis, Castrovalva, Enlightenment).

Location: London, 24th December during the early twenty-first century.

The Bottom Line: "Oh dear". An irritating farce, the most interesting aspect of which is the cliffhanger ending.

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Every Day

Features the First Doctor, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, and Vicki Pallister

Author: Stephen Fewell

Roots: Groundhog Day. There are references to Princess Diana, Tarzan, The Great Escape, and Monopoly.

Continuity: It isn't explicitly stated what is happening here, but the Doctor hypothesizes that they have materialized inside the dimension of one man's mind [which would explain the speed with which he leaps to a similar seemingly bizarre conclusion in The Chase].

Barbara gives Vicki a mint out of her pocket. Barbara has an Aunt Gertrude who owns a Mynah bird. Barbara helps prepare Christmas dinner with Patricia. The TARDIS crew eats numerous Christmas dinners whilst trapped, and drinks copious wine and port.

Links: This story is set between The Space Museum and The Chase; there are references to the Time and Space Visualiser and the Moroks. The Doctor hypothesizes that they are caught in a chronic hysterisis (Meglos). He tries to use the Time and Space Visualiser to see Susan in 2164 (The Dalek Invasion of Earth).

Location: London, England, 24th December 2004 (see above).

The Bottom Line: Although it feels highly derivative of the work of Robert Shearman, Every Day works well and is an interesting attempt to do the sort of "sideways" story that members of the original production team used to talk about.

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The Little Things

Features the Fourth Doctor, Romana II, and K9 Mark II

Author: Paul Beardsley

Roots: There is a reference to W.H. Smith's.

Continuity: The Doctor has a pixel-enhancing scanner for examining photographs. He has a chrono-historical stress gauge that he bought at a galactic car boot sale.

The TARDIS Shell Room is where its outer plasmic shells are stored whenever it changes shape. It creates a new shell whenever there is no existing shell suitable. Shells in the Shell Room of the Doctor's TARDIS include a giant seashell, a wooden pavilion, a corrugated iron hut, a saucer-shaped tank based on a design by da Vinci, a large rock, a marble summerhouse, a Punch and Judy kiosk, and an Atlantean bathing machine. It has been creating new shells every time it has materialized since the Chameleon Circuit broke in Totters Lane (100,000 BC) but has been unable to actually use them. These shells include a matchbox (Planet of Giants), a computer bank (The Sensorites), a huge Aztec vase (The Aztecs), a frosted glass pyramid (The Keys of Marinus), a Chinese tent (Marco Polo), a petrified tree (The Daleks) and a non-petrified tree (100,000 BC).

The unnamed planet has a green-and-purple moon and is inhabited by large creatures resembling hermit crabs.

Links: The Doctor mentions Shobogans (The Deadly Assassin).

Location: An unnamed planet, date unknown; St. Albans, England, 16th December 1996 and 17th December 1997.

Future History: Helen Thompson cures lots of childhood diseases, for which she wins an Outstanding Citizen Award in 2023.

Unrecorded Adventures: Shortly before arriving in Totter's Lane, the Doctor and Susan traveled to England in December 1996, where the TARDIS disguised itself as a pillar-box.

The Bottom Line: "I don't know what you just posted, but it must have been very important." Whimsical and entertaining, The Little Things captures the spirit of Season Seventeen perfectly.

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UNIT Christmas Parties: Christmas Truce

Features the Third Doctor, Jo Grant, the Brigadier, Mike Yates, and Sergeant Benton

Author: Terrance Dicks

Goofs: The Master is still trapped on Earth, setting this story between Terror of the Autons and The Mind of Evil, which conflicts with the dating established in The Discontinuity Guide and adopted here (Terror of the Autons takes place during late summer 1970, and The Mind of Evil in autumn; obviously, this story takes place in December).

Continuity: The Master impersonates Doctor Aloysius Fischer to gain entry to the UNIT Christmas party. He drinks champagne with the Doctor. He currently uses a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Silver Shadow [possibly his TARDIS]. He plants several miniaturized microphones and cameras in UNIT HQ, as well as several thermonuclear devices.

The Doctor is repairing a component of the TARDIS' Time Vector Generator (The Wheel in Space).

One of Benton's girlfriends left him at a Christmas party.

As a child, Mike wanted a bike one Christmas, but got a copy of The Children's Encyclopędia instead. Mike was planning a candlelit dinner with a young woman in Soho before the Brigadier ordered him to attend the party.

Links: The Brigadier refers to the party on board the Bathesdan ship (UNIT Christmas Parties: First Christmas). The Doctor mentions Drashigs (Carnival of Monsters). The Master mentions Hob's Haven (Deadly Reunion). There is a reference to the Golden Grackle (The Eight Doctors) and Shobogans (The Deadly Assassin).

Location: UNIT HQ, England, December [1970].

Unrecorded Adventures: The Master picked a fight with six drunken Shobogans in the Golden Grackle one night whilst drinking there with the Doctor.

The Bottom Line: "I warn you, don't sentimentalize the Master. He's too dangerous for that." As soon as Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury was announced, I glumly predicted that the anthology would feature a Terrance Dicks' penned story in which the Doctor and the Master propose a truce for the festive season. Mercifully, UNIT Christmas Parties: Christmas Truce is a return to form for Dicks, managing to be a genuinely enjoyable nod to the past without forgetting just how dangerous the Master is.

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The Clanging Chimes of Doom

Features the Fourth Doctor, Romana II, and K9 Mark II

Author: Jonathan Morris

Roots: Band Aid. The Terminator films.

Continuity: Frentos is located in the fourteenth galaxy. The people of Frentos have time travel capability.

The Doctor has a leather-bound autograph book in his pocket, which he decides to start using. He owns a Pakafroon Wabster's Broken Soul Gang Orchestra album.

Romana is wearing a red-piped velvet jacket.

K9 has a pop fact data bank, since the Doctor likes him to set quizzes.

The Doctor has plugged the chrono-historical stress gauge into the TARDIS console (The Little Things).

There is a top twenty music chart on Gallifrey.

Links: The Doctor notes that he has met Robin Hood (Short Trips Past Tense: The Thief of Sherwood).

Location: The spacecraft Valentine, approaching Earth, 2034; Notting Hill Gate, London, 1984.

Future History: Prince Tarvick of Frentos is overthrown in 2034 following the republican uprising. Following a royalist revolution in 2114, a group of soldiers travel to Earth in 1984 to rescue Tarvick and restore him to his throne; in 2134 there is another revolution that removes the royalists from power and soldiers from this time travel back to stop the previous group rescuing Tarvick. In 2194 there is an uprising against the second republic and more soldiers travel back to prevent the assassination of Tarvick. More soldiers travel back to find him from 2292, followed by more from 2391 after the fall of the glorious third republic. The Doctor eventually leaves Tarvick in a period of Frentos' history where nobody has heard of him.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor has just saved eleven planets and two space stations. He has met Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare (see City of Death), Toulouse Lautrec, Oliver Cromwell, Anne Boleyn, and Pliny the Elder.

The Bottom Line: "Every Time Lord should have a hobby." Another magnificent evocation of Season Seventeen by Morris, with much wit. The Christmas link is perfect, an event that everyone of my generation remembers, and it's impossible not to be amused by the idea of the Doctor dropping in to collect autographs.

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Perfect Present

Features the Seventh Doctor

Author: Andy Campbell

Roots: Sapphire and Steel 'Adventure Two' (a ghost consumed with resentment over its death).

Continuity: Had Klaus lived, he would have traveled with the Seventh Doctor, encountering the ravenous alien Stalkers, an alien planet where a collapsing civilization was overwhelmed by cataclysmic floods, and encountering an aggressive plant species [possibly a Krynoid based on the description (The Seeds of Doom]. Klaus' last adventure with the Doctor would have seen him free a slave colony. The Doctor gives Klaus' ghost his memories of these events, allowing him to find peace.

Links: The Doctor is travelling alone, setting this story between Lungbarrow and Doctor Who: Enemy Within.

Location: Betton Court, 24th to 25th December during the first decade of the twentieth century.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor visited Betton Court during the first decade of the nineteenth century, when he fought an alien entity that was seeking to conquer Earth. Klaus, a footman in service to the Montague family, helped the Doctor defeat the entity, giving his life in the process.

The Doctor has recently encountered the Stalkers, faced floods on the alien world, fought a hostile plant species, and freed a slave colony (see above).

The Bottom Line: Nice idea, and short enough not to overstay its welcome.

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Present Tense

Features the Fourth Doctor, Romana II, and K9 Mark II.

Author: Ian Potter

Continuity: The Great Crystal Choir Crown of Pseudolonica VII holds all the spiritual wisdom of the ancient Maargan Heirocrats woven into its ever-evolving lattice. The Doctor teaches it Venusian power ballads and drinking songs.

The Doctor gives K9 an old biscuit for Christmas, having programmed him to appreciate old biscuits. The Doctor is very fond of an English rose garden from 1913 (The Five Doctors).

The TARDIS apparently contains storerooms over-flowing with treasures from "a million worlds." There is a shield with blood and snake venom on it sat in a wall roundel in the console room.

Links: There are references to Block Transfer Computation and Logopolis (Logopolis). The food machine is mentioned (The Daleks, Inside the Spaceship). The Doctor unplugs the randomizer (The Armageddon Factor). Blinovitch is mentioned (Invasion of the Dinosaurs). The chrono-historical stress gauge eventually broke due to strain (The Little Things, The Clanging Chimes of Doom). The Doctor wonders if Romana has bought him a new autograph book (The Clanging Chimes of Doom). The Zero Room is mentioned (Castrovalva).

Location: The TARDIS.

Future History: The Doctor borrows the Great Crystal Choir Crown of Pseudolonica VII during a two-day period in the forty-ninth century when it isn't being worn by a High Sanctogull Minister.

The Bottom Line: "We only really do Christmas for the dog." Another witty outing for the Fourth Doctor, Romana and K9, which manages to be amusingly silly without going over-the-top.

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Goodwill Toward Men

Features the Second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe.

Author: J. Shaun Lyon

Roots: There are references to Woolworth's and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Dialogue Triumphs: "There's muggers and rapists and all sorts of who-knows-what, but when it comes right down to it, there's just people. Without 'em, it's just empty space, isn't it?"

Continuity: The Doctor tells Donna that the three of them are English to avoid awkward explanations. His pockets contain a button, a thimble, and some silver-coloured coins.

Links: Jamie's line "it's like being caught in a nightmare. Again" is probably a reference to The Mind Robber. The Acteon Galaxy is mentioned (Planet of the Spiders).

Location: Los Angeles, 24th December, late twentieth century.

Unrecorded Adventures: The TARDIS has just left a squalid, lawless colony in the Acteon Galaxy, where the crew was separated and locked up.

The Bottom Line: Slightly flat characterisation of the regulars lets down an otherwise clichéd but well-written exploration of what real Christmas spirit should be about.

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It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow

Features the Fourth Doctor and Leela

Author: Martin Day

Roots: There are references to "Silent Night", Jane Russell, and Harpo Marx, Lon Chaney.

Dialogue Triumphs: Charlesworth on the Doctor: "I've never met anyone so English, going on about tea!"


Location: Charnage House, England, 24th December 1940.

The Bottom Line: Short and rather thin on any actual plot, It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow would perhaps have benefited from a bit more whimsy.

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All Our Christmasses

Features the First Doctor

Author: Steve Lyons

Roots: The programme that Richard tries to improve is of course Doctor Who. The programme that he ends up watching when he accidentally ends the series after only a short time is probably Juliet Bravo (see Deadline). The publishing house that some fans want to burn down before it produces a range of spin-off novels is Virgin, and the TV executive that some extreme fans want to assassinate is presumably Michael Grade.

Dialogue Triumphs: "They were even talking about bringing it back, because it was still so... I mean, everybody remembered it. Everybody." "Then I would hardly call that trivial."


Links: Things Richard seeks to improve in his favourite television series include unconvincing dinosaurs in a serial made by a female director (Invasion of the Dinosaurs), and a hand creeping into shot when a villain stands up from his throne (Pyramids of Mars). The reference to a story in which the dates don't match up with what is previously established in the series is probably a nod to Mawdryn Undead.

Location: A lodge [probably in England], Christmas Eve [the future, since time travel technology is available to Richard].

The Bottom Line: The sort of witty satire that Lyons used to write more often, and a story bound to appeal to most fans. All Our Christmasses could perhaps benefit from some more humour and a less obvious moral message, but it's very entertaining regardless.

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Features the Fifth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith

Author: Jackie Marshall

Continuity: Sarah dyes her hair. She lives in a quiet English village. She has a granddaughter, Lily, the daughter of Lauren and Will. Lily has Autistic Spectrum Disorder, which places enormous strain on her parents' marriage.

Links: Sarah Jane is a grandmother by this time, so she didn't actually die in Bullet Time. The Doctor is travelling alone, probably after Omega.

Location: England, the early twenty-first century.

The Bottom Line: "She's happy now. Can't you see it? Because of you." A charming and humanistic storyline with a touching ending.

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...Be Forgot

Features the Eighth Doctor and Benny

Authors: Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

Roots: There are references to "Twist and Shout", Only Fools and Horses, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", and Prince's "1999". The Tovey system is probably named after Roberta Tovey.

Dialogue Disasters: "Have you ever heard the expression: too many masterbakers spoil the Slarvian broth?"

Continuity: The Doctor gives Braxiatel a pair of garish socks for Christmas, and signs his card "Theta" (The Armageddon Factor). The Doctor didn't hear about the Fifth Axis and the Daleks until after they had been defeated.

Bernice drinks eggnog latte.

Braxiatel owns a Huldran table (Project: Lazarus). He keeps a decanter of Prydonian.

The Braxiatel Collection has a new garden, a Martian named Hass. Braxiatel organizes a Christmas party every year, which Bernice considers to be a tacky PR stunt. A choir from the Tovey system visits the Collection. Mr. Crofton once cultivated a Krynoid (The Seeds of Doom) and entered it into the Altair in Bloom festival.

Professor Yakkle's people celebrate Wastletide.

Links: Life During Wartime, 'Death and the Daleks'. Bernice watches a programme entitled Only Fools and Vervoids (Terror of the Vervoids). There is a reference to the Masterbakers of Barastabon (Short Trips and Side Steps: Special Occasions: 1. The Not-So-Sinister Sponge).

Location: The Braxiatel Collection, 24th December, c. 2600AD.

Unrecorded Adventures: The Doctor knew Mr. Crofton.

The Bottom Line: As a coda to Bernice's recent troubles, ...Be Forgot works extremely well. Its inclusion in a Doctor Who anthology has the added benefit that she gets reunited with the Doctor for the first time since The Dying Days and it's a great moment.

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UNIT Christmas Parties: Ships That Pass

Features the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, the Brigadier, and Sergeant Benton.

Author: Karen Dunn

Goofs: This story must be set after 'Terror of the Zygons', but Benton is still referred to as Sergeant Benton, rather than RSM.

Dialogue Triumphs: the Doctor's warning to Brac: "Brac, this is Christmas Day! You should see what this lot do at this time of year to yule logs. The glorious death isn't so bad, it's the autopsy that follows, all those nights in the fridge, slowly being whittled down, slowly giving up all your secrets. Do we understand each other, Brac? Or do I smell custard?"

Continuity: Voddods are humanoid plants that fight for the glory of the Voddod Conjunction. Their living ships can be genetically coded to respond only to their pilots. Voddods have dark red bark armour and carry spearbranches.

The Doctor drinks ginger ale (The Android Invasion). He is familiar with Voddods.

When Sarah was nine the boy next door stole her tape recorder and threw it down a manhole. She punched him on the nose and kidnapped his Action Man in return, for which she got sent to her room without Christmas dinner.

When Harry was twelve his best friend got a racing bike for Christmas; he was killed by a car whilst riding over to Harry's house. Harry spent New Year's Eve at the funeral.

Links: The Doctor refers to a comment he made in UNIT Christmas Parties: Christmas Truce).

Location: UNIT HQ, England, [December 1973].

The Bottom Line: A great little story that combines the drama of Sarah and Harry's predicament with a refreshingly amiable ending, although the Voddod is so blatantly a plant equivalent of a Sontaran that it makes me wonder Dunn didn't just use one instead.

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Features the Eighth Doctor

Author: Stephen Cole

Roots: The Doctor mentions Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams.

Continuity: The girl is a kind of vampire that feeds on life energy. The Doctor implies that she is an alien.

The Doctor is using the alias John (The Wheel in Space).

Links: The Ancestor Cell, The Burning. The amnesiac Doctor is trapped on Earth during his long exile.

Location: England, the early to mid-twentieth century.

The Bottom Line: Stephen Cole meets Tara Samms in the middle of the "caught on Earth" arc and it works extremely well, despite obvious similarities to Wolfsbane. A fine end to an above-average anthology.

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