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Note that the membership system for the database is seperate to the membership system for the forum. If you want to join both, you will have to sign up twice.

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Terms and Conditions

By registering with the Whoniverse Database, you agree that:

  • Anything you enter into the database may be used in the Doctor Who Concordance
  • Anything you enter into the database may remain in the database in perpetuity (i.e. you can't ask us to remove your work)
  • You will not copy material from any other reference work into the database unless given permission from both the copyright holder and the database administrators to do so
  • You will comply with the current guidelines on style at all times when entering material into the database.
  • You will not add any speculation or fan theories into the database except as set out in the current guidelines
  • You will not modify existing material when updating entries except:

    • To correct very obvious spelling and grammar errors
    • When it is absolutely necessary in order to fit the new material into the entry
    • Where the old information is retconned away by the new material. In such cases, you must not modify the original entry any more than necessary
    • Or when authorised to do so by the administrators
  • The administrators have the right to edit any and all material you submit, and to appoint others to edit on their behalf