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The Doctor Who Database

Welcome to the what is potentially ultimate online Doctor Who resource. While the Doctor Who Database does not cover production and behind the scenes information, it does cover the fictional aspects of Doctor Who - the TV Series, original novels, and audio adventures. We will probably also at some point include the comic strips, annuals, etc. as well. At the moment, the database is still very much under construction, so don't expect comprehensive coverage. The database is tied together with a project to publish a multi-volume concordance to Doctor Who. If you want to find out more about the project, then visit the whoconcord Yahoo group.

The Sections Explained

For ease of use and reference, the database is divided up into sections, the purpose of which is explained below.


Simple and easy. Any character who appears or is mentioned in a Doctor Who story appears here. Things like robots or sentient computers count as characters as much as anybody else.


This covers alien races (though humans get a mention too) - whether they be monsters or not. So, for example, the Daleks would appear here rather than under Characters.


Any group or organisation that isn't an alien species turns up here. This could be anything from UNIT to the USA or the Earth Empire. Basically, if it's a group with a name and isn't an alien race it goes here.


Any object from a metebelis crystal to the sonic screwdriver to a glittergun goes here. Sentient robots can be found under Characters because they are more than just objects.


The Events section doesn't cover everything that happened in the Whoniverse (that would be seriously difficult), just those events important enough to be given a name, such as the Battle of Hastings or the Dalek Invasion of Earth.


The word technobabble was originally coined by Star Trek fans to describe the kind of made-up "science" that turns up in Science Fiction. This section covers the technobabble of Doctor Who - everything from Artron Energy to Reversing the Polarity of the Neutron Flow

Future Plans

Once we have built up the database to cover a reasonably large number of stories, we plan to add pages detailing all the entries for a particular story, and also to implement some advanced search functions so that you can easily narrow down your search to, for example, UNIT personnel.

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