The Doctor's Timeline

These pages provide a simple timeline for the Doctor's life, detailing every appearance he's made within the Whoniverse.

What stories are included?

Basically, any story that features the Doctor, and is part of the Whoniverse Canon, and which I've decided where it fits. Stories which feature the Doctor multiple times in his life are listed every time they happen. The novel Who Killed Kennedy is a special case. As the book runs parallel with the early Third Doctor stories, I've listed each chapter or set of chapters as they occur, even though the Doctor only appears towards the end of the book.

Events that we don't "see" in a story are not included, even when there's no doubt about when they occur within the Doctor's timeline. The only exception is when an event is important to the ongoing narrative (e.g. a companion leaving or joining between stories)

Stories are grouped together by season. Occasionally making up "new" seasons for non-televised stories. As the full biography is divided into a page for each of these seasons, I've linked to the relevant page at the top of each season.

What do the columns mean?


This is the story's title. Occasionally there is a dispute about a title. I have used 100,000 BC, The Daleks, and Inside the Spaceship for the first three TV stories, even though they are sometimes known as An Unearthly Child, The Mutants, and The Edge of Destruction respectively. I have also used the semi-official title Enemy Within for the 1996 TV Movie, because I feel that it needs a proper title. Short stories are listed by their story title, and not the collection they are from.


What type of story this is - a TV Story, a Virgin or BBC Novel, a Big Finish Audio, a Short Story, or whatever. Where the appearance is in flashback, as a cameo, or as a guest in another Doctor's story, I've noted that. I've also noted which anthology a short story appears in, so you can find the story.


Why I've placed the story at this point in the timeline. I also note major events, such as a regeneration, or a companion joining or leaving, which are relevant to the placement of other stories.


A list of the companions and companion-like characters who appear in this story. I've included the likes of the UNIT regulars and Kadiatu (from the New Adventures), but left out notable villains like the Master or Davros, and the likes of Irving Braxiatel and Iris Wildthyme.

See also

Other pages on this website that relate to each story.


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