A Biography of the Doctor

The Tenth Doctor

Series Three


A woman appears in the TARDIS, wearing a wedding dress. After she behaves obnoxiously, the Doctor tries to take her back to the church from which she had vanished. It arrives in the wrong part of London. The Doctor and Donna attempt to get to the church in a taxi, but cannot as they haven't got any money. The Doctor gets some from a cash machine using his sonic screwdriver. He turns round to see Donna get into a taxi driven by one of the PILOT FISH. He then pursues the taxi in the TARDIS, using it to fly over the road, and rescuing her. The Doctor gives Donna a Bio Damper, to stop the pilot fish from tracking her.

The Doctor and Donna, having missed the wedding, turn up at the reception, which is full swing despite the wedding not having happened. Watching the recording of the ceremony, the Doctor realises that Donna was covered in Huon particles when she disappeared - she was drawn to the TARDIS by the Huon particles within the TARDIS. He then realises that the pilot fish can detect her from the Huon particles, just before they arrive and attack. The Doctor uses the PA system to amplify the sonic screwdriver, destroying the pilot fish.

The Doctor takes Donna and her fiance Lance to their employer HC Clements, which is owned by Torchwood. They discover an underground tunnel, which leads to a Torchwood base under the Thames flood barrier. He discovers that the base has been manufacturing Huon particles, which the Time Lords destroyed long ago. Huon particles can only thrive inside a living being, and Donna was clearly some kind of test subject.

Just after this discovery, the person now running the base reveals another section, which includes a hole bored down to the centre of the Earth. The Doctor then demands that the person reveal themselves, rather than talk "over the intercom". When the person running the base teleports to the Torchwood base, she is revealed to be a Racnoss - a spider-like species which the Gallifreyans destroyed billions of years ago. It turns out that Lance was in league with her, and had been feeding Donna the particles ever since she started work six months ago. He was only marrying her to ensure that she stayed around.

The Doctor and Donna escape by triggering the reverse effect to the one that pulled her into the TARDIS, causing the TARDIS to materialise around them. They then go back to the time the Earth was formed, and see that the first rock that began the process was a Racnoss spaceship - and the Racnoss is clearly trying to revive them. The TARDIS then returns to the present day, where Donna is kidnapped - the Racnoss need the Huon particles in her body to open their spaceship. She imprisons both Donna and Lance (whom she has dosed with Huon particles while Donna was away) above the hole.

The Racnoss then releases the particles from Donna and Lance down into the hole. She then releases Lance, to feed the hungry Racnoss who will be awakening. The Doctor arrives in time to save Donna, and gives the Racnoss the option of being taken to a planet where they will be able to co-exist. The Racnoss refuses, so the Doctor floods the base, drowning her and the Racnoss who are climbing up the shaft.

The Doctor takes Donna back home. He offers her the chance to travel in the TARDIS, but she declines as she couldn't live her life in the way the Doctor does.

(This follows on from the final scene of Doomsday)


Doctor books himself into hospital with addominal pains to investigate some plasma coils around the hospital. The hospital is transported to the moon. The Doctor asks medical student Martha Jones if she'd like to help him investigate by going onto the balcony. They discover that there is a forcefield just outside, holding the air in. Just after they discover this, three massive spacecraft land nearby. Large numbers of aliens walk out of the ships and the Doctor recognises them as Judoon - a thuggish species who serve as police-for-hire. He and Martha observe them as they walk through the forcefield, into reception, and start checking that the occupants of the hospital are human, using a marker pen on the hands of those who pass the test. He realises that they are looking for something that's non-human. The Doctor investigates the hospital's computer systems for a clue about who they might be looking for, only to discover that all the records have been wiped. Whilst he is doing this, Martha goes to ask the consultant, Mr Stoker, the same question. She discovers that one of the "patients" has killed him and drunk his blood. Martha and the Doctor are then chased by her assistant, a faceless figure in leathers and a motorbike helmet. They take refuge in the X-Ray room, and the Doctor rigs the X-Ray machine to kill him. The creature is a slab, a manufactured slave creature. The Doctor then deduces that the creature the Judoon are looking for is a shapeshifter, who took Mr Stoker's blood to mimic human biology. They try to find her, but run into the Judoon, who identify the Doctor as not human. The Doctor then realises that the creature, actually a plasmavore, has made for the MRI scanner, planning to turn it into a weapon, and follows her there. Before doing so, he kisses Martha, imparting some of his genetic material into her in the process to enable her to slow down the Judoon. He blunders into the room, pretending to be stupid, and cleverly cons the plasmavore into draining his blood, making him appear dead and her appear alien. The Judoon burst in, and conclude that their prey is dead until Martha convinces them that the plasmavore is an alien. With the MRI machinery appearing to go into override, Martha attempts to resuscitate the Doctor. He revives, and shuts down the machinery before it can harm anybody. The Judoon then reverse the effect that transported the hospital to the moon. Later that night, the Doctor appears outside Martha's brother's 21st birthday party. He offers her a trip into space, and when she mentions her life, he mentions that he also travels in time, and then pops back to the morning, slightly before he met her, to prove the point. Martha then agrees to come with him. (The Doctor mentions Rose as a recent travelling companion.)


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